Boris Johnson’s resignation fires up the Conservative leadership race to replace him | politics news

Boris Johnson’s resignation fires up the Conservative leadership race to replace him |  politics news

Boris Johnson’s resignation effectively set fire to the Conservative Party leadership race to replace him.

It comes as questions persist whether his desperate attempts to hold on as prime minister mean he should not be allowed to remain in office while his successor is chosen.

Tom Tugendhat becomes the first Conservative MP to launch a leadership show After Mr Johnson’s resignation letter.

The head of the foreign affairs committee wrote in the Daily Telegraph that his party needed a “clean start”.

“We have to get government to work for the people again – and we have to give them that clean start,” he wrote.

“As public officials, our actions must serve the interests of the British people.

“I served before – in the army and now in Parliament.

“Now I hope to answer the call again as prime minister. It’s time for a clean start. Time for renewal.”

Sky News understands that Transport Secretary Grant Shapps is also considering trying to lead the Conservative Party.

According to the Palestinian News Agency, former Health Minister Sajid Javid, who resigned on Tuesday evening, will also decide whether or not to participate in the competition.

But Sky News has been told that Deputy Prime Minister Dominic Raab and Michael Gove have excluded themselves from the competition.

It is also understood that former Health Secretary Matt Hancock, who resigned for breaking COVID rules, is not interested in trying to drive.

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Who will be the next prime minister?
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It’s time for a clean start

Elsewhere, speak before Mr Johnson announced his resignationBen Wallace declined to comment on whether he would run to replace him.

The defense secretary, the favorite to replace Johnson, was asked if he would look for the top position while visiting a military training area in northern England.

“Let’s see what the prime minister says,” he said.

Sky News political correspondent Joe Pike understands that Wallace is discussing the matter with his family before deciding whether to make a bid.

Speaking before Johnson’s resignation on Thursday, Attorney General Suella Braverman told ITV’s political editor Robert Peston that she “yes” would hypothetically consider trying to lead if the prime minister were to step aside.

Steve Baker, enthusiasts of Brexit, has also indicated that he will run.

Business Minister Kwasi Kwarting also hinted that he will throw his hat in the ring.

“We now need a new leader as soon as practicable. Someone who can rebuild trust, heal the country, and devise a new, reasonable and consistent economic approach to helping families,” he said.

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In his resignation letter out of No. 10 on Thursday, Johnson confirmed that the timetable for the process to elect a new leader would be set next week.

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The rise and fall of Boris Johnson

‘Unwise’ for Johnson to stay until fall

He said that he intended to remain in the 10th position until his successor was elected, but was facing resistance to this plan from within his party.

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The timetable for the leadership contest is expected to lead to the appointment of a successor to the party convention in October.

The former prime minister, Sir John Major, said it was “unwise and potentially unsustainable” for Johnson to stay this long.

Labor leader Sir Keir Starmer did that too Threatened to call for a vote of no confidence In the House of Commons, with the support of other opposition parties, if Conservative MPs could not remove him immediately.

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It comes as Mr Johnson and his wife Carrie are planning a wedding at Checkers as the prime minister transitions into a caretaker role in his final days in office.

The couple, who wed in a low-key private ceremony at Westminster Cathedral last year, are said to have sent save the date cards to family and friends for the July 30 celebration, according to several press reports.

It has now been suggested that Mr Johnson wanted to remain as caretaker prime minister in part until that materialized – although Downing Street has denied that claim.

A spokesman for Johnson said: “The Prime Minister has a strong sense of duty and will continue to serve his country until a new leader takes office just to continue his commitment to the public.”

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When does Johnson leave No. 10?

Johnson has already appointed new cabinet ministers to replace MPs who resigned in protest of his leadership.

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Among them, Greg Clark as the new settlement secretary, replacing Mr. Gough and James Cleverly as Secretary of Education – the third person to hold the position in as many days.

The new government met on Thursday afternoon, but no news cameras were allowed in.

Johnson told his cabinet ministers his government It will not seek to implement new policies Or make major changes in direction after his resignation as Conservative Party leader.

Addressing his amended ministerial team for the first time Since his resignation earlier on ThursdayJohnson said his priority was to “continue to deliver on the manifesto pledges and make sure the government stands with the public on the cost of energy, transportation, housing and everything that matters to them”.

He also said that the government “will focus on delivering the agenda on which the government was elected” and that “major financial decisions should be left to the next prime minister.”

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