Botros player Agustín Osmendi answers if he would like to be a striker for the Honduran national team

Botros player Agustín Osmendi answers if he would like to be a striker for the Honduran national team


Agustin Osmendi Become a scorer foals to Olancho Last year, without a shadow of a doubt, no one doubted his great ability.

In the last National League championship, he was the top scorer with 12 goals alongside Clayvin Zuniga and in the current Clausura 2023 tournament he has nine goals, which put him in the sights of some clubs.

And the Argentine striker has appeared in recent days as a possible reinforcement for Motagua in the next tournament, but he is currently focusing with his team in the search for reaching the final of the institution in the first division.

In an interview with the official website of Honduran National LeagueAnd Agustin Osmendi He was asked if he would like to be a part of National selection If this is possible.

Uzmendi replied, “The truth is that I would like it, I saw some media where they were talking and the truth is that thinking about it, I would like it very much.”

At 26 years old, there is no doubt that Auzmendi is the number ‘9’ with plenty of goals, something he has been lacking. Honduras national teamwhich is currently managed by Diego Vasquez.

It is important to note that at the time there was talk of Diego Vázquez wanting to call up Jonathan Rogier to Honduras national team There was even talk of Colombian striker Justin Arboleda.

Diego Vasquez He talked about it in an interview with DIEZ in October last year. “I don’t know why xenophobia, I don’t know why. If they had all the cards in order, they would be called, and obviously they should perform, ”he emphasized on the subject.

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Argentine player Agustin Osmendi He grew up 500 km away from his country’s capital, at the age of 16 he had to live alone in Buenos Aires and then he jumped to Colombia. Now, his adventure is in Honduras as a striker for Potros de Olancho FC, where he dreams of becoming a champion.

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