Bradley Bell thwarted

Bradley Bell thwarted

The season was a nightmare for the Washington Wizards, and one of their slogans has been moved in recent years, and many games have been postponed under health protocols, and as if that wasn’t enough, they emphasized The worst record in the entire NBA With only three wins.

Thus the sad truth of the Wizards and especially for Bradley Bell who, no matter how much he desires, cannot hide his frustration because despite individual effort, He did little to help change the team’s path.

Bill has all the advantages to be an all-star superstar and sure many people will vote for him, however, his name just got written on Unexpected separation As is the fact that he tied 10 matches and scored 40 points or more in the matches his team lost.

10 matches, in which he scored from 40 to 60 pointsHowever, Washington was unable to win any of those confrontations.

Could anyone accuse Bill of not helping the team enough? Could it be that witches do not deserve it? And so this great player for whom many put a new team in the future. We’ll see if Bradley Bell continues to endure frustration or just throw the towel away and demand a team change.

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