Crocodile invades shopping mall after river flood: Viral videos

Crocodile invades shopping mall after river flood: Viral videos


Volunteer firefighters arrested from Paraguay Seven crocodiles, measuring between one and a half meters high, outside a mall, Amidst a storm, it swept through Lake Ita, located in the urban area of ​​this city, 30 km from the capital Asunción (southeast). Amazing videos for Animals walking freely on the street have become viral.

The neighbors are terrified of The presence of reptiles They immediately summoned rescue workers, who were able, after several hours, to be arrested on Wednesday.

ETA Fire Department spokesman Francisco Plañón told reporters that the animals escaped as a result of the collapse of a barrier wall due to the torrential rain that overflowed the lake.

“What is happening is that the park lake overflowed because of the amount of rain that fell, and the crocodiles (crocodiles) went out in search of shelter on the dry surface to rest,” Plato said in statements to Agence France-Presse.

A number of them arrived at the door of the shops, according to photos and videos that witnesses posted on social media.

“Fortunately, it happened at night,” said Diego Caputo, ETA Mayor’s office secretary. “Crocodiles are a city park attraction but they pose a risk when phenomena like this happen outside of our control.”

The rainy season has not stopped in Paraguay since last week, causing numerous damage to homes, streets and roads, as well as power cuts. The Meteorological Department has warned that more rain is expected until Sunday.

A civic organization called “Salvimus la Laguna de Eta” revealed in a statement that there is an overcrowding of crocodiles in the area. And he warned that “with the passage of time it could pose a danger to people. Because of the lack of food, they could attack them,” after advising “not to touch them.”

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The fire brigade, in turn, asked on its Twitter account to “notify the emergency line if someone detects another crocodile on public roads.”


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