Breaking Bad: The production changes that made the series great

Breaking Bad: The production changes that made the series great

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Years pass and a series Too bad He continues to establish himself as one of the public’s favorites, thus, News keeps popping up around her This only makes his legacy even greater. This is the time, and The production company has released some modifications that have been made This was crucial to her success.

At first It was planned that Breaking Bad will unfold and a movie in RiversideAnd California, but the study of the product showed that if he went to AlbuquerqueAnd New MexicoThey will find economic benefits and there they decide to change headquarters.

They said New Mexico was tax-exempt for film and television productions, and it was too big. That was really hard to ignore… so New Mexico quickly became the new place we decided to shoot our series for purely financial reasons. We wanted our tight budget to be able to do more“It is to explain Vince Gilligan, one of the creators Too bad in Slant magazine.

success Too bad It was so big that a city Albuquerque It ended up becoming a tourist place, since thousands of fans of the series arrived at the place where the plot was filmed; In addition to the fact that the said headquarters is still the imaging center of the transverse branch, The best of Saul on demandEven from the sequel that appeared in the movie El Camino: A very bad movie..

Choosing the main actor

output from Too bad I had in mind the American actor Matthew Broderick To take the leadership role Walter White, however, He declined the role because he decided to stay in the cinema And do not try in this series.

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Broderick He was well liked in the production because his features were those of a father to a family, but before he was turned down, that was when they went in search of Bryan Cranston With many reservations, they considered it Created for his role in the series Malcom. However, everything turned out to be a success and the rest is history.

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