How to fold shirts to save space

How to fold shirts to save space

How to fold shirts to save space. Homemany

How many headaches do they have? Tops When it comes to storing them in the closet or in the bag? Well that’s over, once again, thanks Marie Kondo. The System Master has come into our lives to make it a little easier for us. At, we have prepared various articles based on the smart advice of this writer and YouTuber: 7 tips to keep your kitchen tidy NS Why is everyone talking about Marie Kondo And how can it help you with the mess? They are some of them

In the latter, precisely, the topic of interest to us is discussed in these lines. However, we will dig deeper and introduce you to Various tips So folding shirts will never be a problem again.

Fold the shirts vertically

In one of these tips, the Netflix star also insists on folding shirts vertically It will help us save space. The key is to fold the shirts thirds And leave them inside Square shape. Then we fold it again on its own small rectangles. And so we will have a kind of small packaging, which does not wrinkle and does not take anything.

Fold tank tops

Marie Kondo It also gives us tips for folding those great enemies who are tank tops. Or at least, so far they have been, because after these lines you will save time and quality of life. This dress that looks difficult to fold Exactly the same From those with sleeves (long or short), with the only difference being that the straps should be doubled inside.

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The “small pocket” method

This is a very similar method to Marie Kondo’s, only “collected”. Includes folded shirt inside two parts, so we have A rectangle. Then we fold it The other two Portions, but no longer halved, but left third. Finally, when the garment is in a square shape, we put One of the parts under the shirt.

Roll it up, don’t fold it

This is designed, above all, when we go on a trip, because it will allow you to save space in The Bag. In addition, in these last two methods, the clothes remain visible without having to unpack the bag when we want to access it.

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