Andretxea already has a meeting space for immigrant women

Andretxea already has a meeting space for immigrant women

Women of different origins will have their meeting space. / ASCASIPAR

AE Eibar.

The meeting space for women of different origins was opened in Andrexia. It targets immigrant women over the age of eighteen. Besides, they will have a free and flexible weekly meeting.

It is a space for training in gender equality and cultural diversity, improving physical and emotional health, creating networks of mutual support and solidarity between immigrant and Basque women, and promoting community participation in the municipality. It will be open, every Tuesday, from 5.30 to 7.30 pm (free and flexible), in Andretxea (ground floor of Zezenbide 9). Topics will be covered in Spanish.

Migration is an increasingly important phenomenon, and Eibar is no stranger to this trend. Latin American women formed the Lacasium Association in 2007, with the aim of improving their quality of life and defending their interests.

Their main job was domestic service, but they take courses to be able to do industrial work.

81 nationalities

Its members came from different countries such as Ecuador, Bolivia, Paraguay, Mexico and the Dominican Republic. But the country that made up the most women was Colombia. The interested parties signed up to the Migration Service and for several years conducted various activities. Now, the Equality Zone has a space that brings together all the assets in Ibar. At this time, the total population of Ibar is 27,380, of whom 2,726 are foreigners, of 81 different nationalities. Among them, 1,331 women.

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