Buckel rejects criticism by announcing that he will continue to accept control of El Salvador companies “until everyone leaves” | International

Buckel rejects criticism by announcing that he will continue to accept control of El Salvador companies “until everyone leaves” |  International
Protest against Naeem Bukelin’s decision in San Salvador on May 3.Jose Caposas / Reuters

El Salvador’s leader Naib Bukele did not shake his pulse. To all national and international critics who have accused the Attorney General of building a dictatorship and ending sectarianism following his decision to dismiss and replace him. Judges of the Constitutional Court, Responded with a mesionic video with the phrase “We are creating a new story”. In it, a voice Off Celebrates the emergence of a new “truly free and sovereign” nation and summarizes its controversial decision as “a turning point between the old and the new.” What Take a look Companies that are considered “old” are the ones that decided to load on Saturday Delegates took office Thus exacerbating one of the deepest crises in the recent history of the Central American nation.

Responding to all the criticism, Buckley covered himself with the banner “People” and announced that he would continue with the transfer of officers. “People did not send us to negotiate. They go. Everyone, ”he wrote Monday, noting which officials are still in the cross-chairs of parliament, whose party controls 61 of the 84 seats.

Although the published video helped to give Arguments to those who follow him They could not resist considering criticism from international governments, human rights organizations, the United Nations (UN) or the Organization of the United Nations (OAS) to talk about a new era. A worrying decision that does not meet even the slightest aesthetic requirements. Less than an hour after his party’s representatives of New Ideas took office on Saturday – he won a majority in the February elections – one day the judges who had backed him had already resigned. .

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From Brussels, the last to join the critique, was Joseph Borel, in charge of EU foreign policy, separating the rule of law and the powers and the “legal and physical” protection of the judiciary. First United States Vice President Kamala Harris defended the importance of “an independent judiciary for a healthy democracy and a strong economy”.

Meanwhile, Secretary of State Anthony Blinken spoke with Buchale to express his “serious concerns”, and Joan Biden’s ambassador to Latin America, Juan Gonzalez, summed up the sentiment of the international community in four words: “It does.” He denounced Foucault’s attempts to “undermine and weaken the independence of the judiciary.” From Santiago Condon, head of the delegation that includes El Salvador, Human Rights Watch, or OAS, criticized Foucault for continuing to “weaken Salvador’s democracy.”

To all of them, the Telegenic Central American president responded by tweeting compulsively over the weekend, and Venezuela’s opposition leader Julio Borges was involved in slandering Juan Gaida’s right – hand: “Dictatorships have no right or left: there is a dictatorship. There are no good or bad dictatorships: there is a dictatorship, ”Borges wrote. Buckley, who was paradoxically instructed by advertisers close to Quito, disliked the comment: “If you want to come to power to leave Maduro’s lawyer and Maduro’s court, it is better to tell people the truth. Tell them that supporting yourself is like supporting Maduro. In El Salvador, it took 30 years to liberate us from power. We are not going back now. ”

According to Buckell, his government is immersed in what it calls “house-cleaning,” and with the support of Congress, a panel of Supreme Court justices and the Attorney General, have issued warnings about concentrated power efforts. Discounts are the latest response to a long list of grievances against the opposing magistrate and deputies using their absolute majority. Buckell will continue to use the roller, and in the days to come, the Office of the Attorney for Human Rights, the Office of the Attorney General of the Republic, the Supreme Electoral Tribunal and the Accounting Court will experience similar fate.

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In February last year, when the President of Salvador was already trying to take over the legislature with the military, opposition representatives suspended a new loan imposed for the fight against gangs. In this case, the president has taken over the judiciary branch from removing the constitution room. The Salvador system has control and accountability mechanisms and during the two years that Buckell was in power it became an institution that effectively controlled the president’s over-activities during epidemics and was disgusting to the president.

It did not take long for the new Attorney General’s role in the Buccaneer government to emerge: Rodolfo Delgado questioned the continuing work of the OAS Commission against Punishment in El Salvador, and announced that it was reviewing the existing contract with the body. Some organizations that have so far operated freely and independently during the Bukele era have identified 12 cases of corruption in their government.

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