Police alleged mistreatment of a young man during protests in Cali – Cali – Colombia

Police alleged mistreatment of a young man during protests in Cali – Cali – Colombia

Since April 28, the national strike has started against tax reform. However, CalI was one of the cities where the protests turned violent, killing at least 12 people in a way that was confirmed by human rights.

“If we continue to say after that that citizens are sabotaged, then we are in a bad condition as a society,” said Adriana Lucia, a Colombian singer and songwriter who accompanied a live video of a photographer showing the situation in the La Luna sector in Cali. .

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Protestants assert that it is no longer simply a drop in tax reform or the resignation of the finance minister. Go further. They want changes in health reform and a fairer society.

Every day of the demonstrations, people report cases of abuse of power. In a video footage carried by a video, it is seen how a young Protestant man is standing in front of the Asmad tank and they, at some point, put him among several policemen.

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Besides the person who registered, there were members of the human rights organization, who, upon seeing the situation, proceeded to intervene, and the police officers, who did not have an identification number, did not want to release the young man.

From what can be seen in the photos and what the audience gathered, the young man named Julius Caesar did not carry any weapons and his hands were raised.

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Minutes later, in the same live video, another young man is seen arriving at the place where the paramedics were, with his hand partially open after apparently being shot. Emad.

On this Sunday night, Nicholas Guerrero He lost his life amid protests in Paso del Comercio after being shot in the head. In the six days of the demonstrations in Cali, 12 people were killed and these cases are being investigated.

On the other hand, Monday afternoon, a customer of Emad He was hit by a firearm. Currently, four men in uniform have been injured.

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