Buenos Aires to host the next meeting of Ibero-American Science Ministers | Chronicle

Buenos Aires to host the next meeting of Ibero-American Science Ministers |  Chronicle

Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation, Daniel FilmusOn Wednesday, he participated in a virtual meeting with the Secretary-General of the Arab Republic of Egypt Organization of Ibero-American States (OEI), Mariano the soap makerand director of the OEI headquarters in Argentina, Louis ScassoIt confirmed the holding of the next meeting of the Ibero-American sector ministers in Buenos Aires.

In this way, it was detailed through an official statement that it will be held in the second half of September 2022 in conjunction with silac and the Economic Commission for Latin America and the CaribbeanAnd the goal “It will be to analyze the challenges of science to deepen its contribution to anti-epidemic and post-pandemic action in the region.”

Meanwhile, Vilmus said: “These spaces for international cooperation and integration are essential to promoting technology transfer policies that fuel our main objective: to change the production model.”.

“The model that is designed for primary export, we want to take it to a model where the main thing is value addition, the ability to transfer technology and the innovation that science produces. This will allow us to end the periodic crises and this affects our country,” the minister added.

Then consider it
“It is with pride that Argentina has been chosen as a place, it is a way to certify our regional leadership in science and technology, they are essential and strategic components in the development processes of our societies and aid to the efforts of our peoples in reducing poverty, fighting misery and providing a decent quality of life for citizens”.

It is important to know that the OEI is the largest multilateral cooperation organization between Spanish and Portuguese-speaking Ibero-American countries, which aims to promote education, science and culture as tools for human development and generators of opportunity.

It should be remembered that the member states of the OEI are Andorra, Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Equatorial Guinea, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay and Peru. Spain, Portugal, Dominican Republic, Uruguay and Venezuela.

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