Build your ultimate gaming space with PcComponentes Gaming Days

Build your ultimate gaming space with PcComponentes Gaming Days

Have you ever wondered how to improve your play space? We spend hours and hours glued to a computer, whether for work, leisure, or both. Be a part of any player’s life, from newcomer to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive To an expert Call of Duty: A War Zone. That’s why PcComponentes starts a promotion designed for you gamer: Welcome to Days of Play.

What are the days of PC gaming?

From April 5 to 11 you will find offers at PcComponentes at a discount of up to 25%. Offers a wide range of computers, peripherals, consoles, accessories and more, with which you can make every game a unique experience. Game Days will allow you to save money on creating your dream pool.

Do you want to start on computer games? In the promotion you will find a large number of offers in the components with which you can assemble the computer that suits your preferences. We’re not just talking about how to set up your desktop; You will also see discounts on gaming laptops with which you can take your games anywhere.

What are the benefits of improving your preparation?

We strive in life above all ComfortEspecially in those places where we spend more time. Your electronic free time will never be less. Given the health conditions in which we find ourselves, Every time we spend more time at home. What is the best way of updating your corner? According to data from A study by Beruby and PcComponentesIn the past year, about 60% of Spanish players bought a new console or peripheral, and an average of 26% invested € 100 or more in it.

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Optimizing the setting goes beyond purchasing a higher refresh rate monitor, an incremental dpi mouse, or a mechanical keyboard. Your play corner starts from the sofa. Feeling comfortable in front of the screen is essential to enjoy your games more. Imagine that you are hopping in Verdansk sitting in an armchair with comfortable, cotton back cushions. What do you see differently? Items that you wouldn’t think of at first, like a mini fridge, also fit into the equation. Keep your drinks cool by your computer and have a drink in the middle of the game.

The analysis by Beruby and PcComponentes, with a sample of 1,000 Spanish players, depicts the current situation in Spanish households in relation to video games. This is confirmed by a third of Spaniards (33%). Spend 1-2 hours a day playing on any system. It occupies a lot of space in our lives, as we say nearly 63% of those surveyed enjoy it at least four days a week. next to nothing.

Featured Products from PcComponentes Gaming Days

Here we leave you with a selection of products that will greatly improve your gaming space. Do not miss the offers!

F004 gaming chair with footrest

MSI Optix G271 27 Inch LED IPS Full HD 144Hz FreeSync Monitor

PC components on gaming days

Ratón Gaming Newskill Helios RGB 10,000 dpi

PC components on gaming days

Nevera Cecotec GrandCooler 20.000 SilentCompress Mini A +

PC components on gaming days

Portátil HP Gaming 16-A0011NS | i7-10750H / 16GB / 1TB SSD / GTX 1660 Ti / 16.1 inch

PC components on gaming days

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