Funes Mori, the legend of Raidos without contact with the masses: the grandfather

Funes Mori, the legend of Raidos without contact with the masses: the grandfather

Rogelio Funes Morey You will be six Planned this summer, An item that arrived in 2015 to make history and become a legend thanks to its purposeful branding, Along with another historical date such as Humberto ‘Pacifier’ SuazoBut according to Francisco Javier Cruz “the grandfather”And the The Basel striker needs to be more attractive And it has a good relationship with the Albayazole fans.

Records were made to be smashed, it really is a legend, although I think it needs more to communicate with peopleBut he is one of my favorite players and I am happy that he has achieved this record. ” Mediotempo.

The Twin Adds 121 goals with The gang, In all competitions, and just Swazo as the best goalscorer in the team’s history on April 4 against him Saint Louis, But Not having a goal since then opens the opportunity to pose a new character against the opponent in Arena V Classic Regio 125.

Although Funes Mori is already a historical date, for grandfather He needs to be the scoring champ, Which is something he hasn’t been able to accomplish for nearly six years, even though he’s in Guard1anes 2021 He continues to fight for leadership in this field. It adds nine goals and is one of Alexis CaneloFirst place.

“Obviously yes, he still needs to be the top scorer, but everything else, yes, he was a historic player,” he commented.

The presence of Gignac did not affect

About whether Milli was affected by a phase sync André-Pierre Gignac In order to gain more recognition or surpass his accomplishments further, given that the French also knew how to communicate more with followers of Tigres, Cruz emphasized that they were different types of attackers.

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“They are different players, Geniac throws himself more in the middle, but they are important players. It has a lot to do with how you dress up the two players, because it’s a team game. They are references, and I love watching them play,” he declared.

The Tigres environment will not affect Classic Regio

Although UANL as a whole arrives with an environment pinged by news of discontinuity Ricardo Ferretti At the end of the tournament, Paco Javier commented that he would not affect Classic Regio 125 and they have something to win over Monterrey.

“In football, there are a lot of classics that I have played in, the statistics go into the background, we cannot name a favorite and leave another behind. Being a radioactive myself, I think Tigres can intimidate Monterrey “I’m interested in getting a good show,” he said.

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