By order of his superiors, Raul the “Negro”, Ariza leaves “Hui” Fatalism

By order of his superiors, Raul the “Negro”, Ariza leaves “Hui”  Fatalism

Mexico City. – After appearing every morning, for more than ten years, on Las Estrellas, Raul the “Negro”, Ariza Alex Café revealed that he is leaving Today on orders of the company’s directors.

The program commentator has assured that Raul has no choice but to obey his superiors, who have decided that his presence on Morning Televisa, for the time being, is no longer needed because they need him to participate in a TV series.

In his column, Sin Lisonja, the controversial journalist explained it in detail Jose Alberto Castro “El Guero” He is the one who asks for it and he must follow the orders without complaining.

It says “whoever pays pays.” So he has no choice but to obey the company that pays him, and well! Yes, the command came “from above” (to be understood by their superiors): “We want you to do the series.” So Raul Ureza must comply without complaining! Commissioning and working in the melodrama to be produced by Jose Alberto Castro. Saeed Telenovela (in which they told me that he has one of the most important roles) forces him to skip “Howe”, Wrote.

Although he didn’t mention the telenovela the host would be staring in, he did confirm the actresses Anna Martin, Azila Robinson, Veronica Gaspedo, Jessica Koch, Gretel Valdez and Maliani Marin, They were asked to cast melodramas and could be part of the cast.

Currently, Sabah is hosted by Andrea Legaretta, Galileia Montego, Raul “Negro” Araisa, Lambda Garcia, Andrea Escalona, ​​Paul Stanley, Marisol Gonzalez, Arath de la TorreBut when he left Ariza, Kafi commented that it was not yet known who would be coming forward, but it was a task he would have to do to report.

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Raul Ariza entered the final stage of the fifth stage of the program while he was producing Carmen Armenderez, Who invited him as the main host in 2007 and has since become one of the most loved and respected presenters.

Thanks to his charisma and talent, he was able to win the audience’s affection, and showed that in addition to acting, he could also be a TV presenter, which earned him participation in other important Televisa projects related to leadership, such as “Yoo Sí Voy”, “TV Millones” and “Members”. al Aire “.

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