Caligero courtyard, a space to accompany people on the street

Caligero courtyard, a space to accompany people on the street
The space is coordinated by Pastoral de Calle and will be dedicated to nutritional assistance and meeting those who need it most. Blessed Bishop Marcelo Colombo: “Sharing breeds brotherhood.”
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Pastoral de Calle opened his own street yard to continue his mission of escorting brothers and sisters who live on the streets.

The space to be set aside for food assistance and to meet those who need it most is located in the facilities of the Nuestra Señora de la Merced Temple and comes to replace the plazas and tours that the groups take every day of the year.

The day began with a liturgical celebration presided over by Monsignor Marcelo Daniel Colombo, Archbishop of Mendoza, who exchanged some ideas in the framework of the International Day of the Poor.

He stressed that “participation generates brotherhood.”

The Archbishop of Mendoza took the opportunity to thank the Mersidari Congregation for the space provided and emphasized the strength of the joint action of all Pastoral de la Calle groups.

The opening day of Caligero Patio coincided with the day corresponding to Table Tendida, which was responsible for serving lunch as it is every Sunday. All the groups that make up the pastorals cooperated with sweets, fruits, drinks, etc.

“El Patio Callejero wants it to be a communal place where street brothers and sisters can share food in dignified conditions, thus allowing us to conduct evangelical, social and emotional accompaniment with our friends.” Christian Garcia, Pastoral de Calle coordinator, shared what the point of delivering a plate of food if we can’t also From sharing life and doing so in dignified conditions.

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Street parish is the diocesan body that includes groups of the Catholic Church that do missionary work with the people who live on the street.

It is made up of Tarcisio Rubin’s dining room in Ntra. Oba of the Diocese of Santiago Abistol and San Nicolás; Friends Street Schoenestat movement; Ola de San Miguel Arcangel Collection; table spread of St. Bernadette; Kerygma of Sagrada Familia; Consulata, Our Lady of Consulata; Sons of the Virgin. La Merced Help House.

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