In our space, the president has all the legitimacy to be re-elected

In our space, the president has all the legitimacy to be re-elected

Vote in Entre Rios

Speaking about the vote in Entre Ríos, Purdy said, “It is very volatile. It is a province with a very good demographic distribution of the population. The capital is concentrated only 25%. There is a non-captive vote that changes. When that vote is nationalized, from local justice we lose identity.” When the proposals are local, citizens assign us the responsibility of holding public office. When they are nationalized, as in midterm elections, or when more extreme positions prevail, we lose that vote.”

He added in another intervention: “There are municipalities with Kirchnerist mayors. Citizens trust them. Executive positions are chosen more for the trust you have with the person who solves everyday problems. That is the job of the mayor. But in the macro economy, in a very moderate province.” , with highly centralized positions and where there is democratic alternation, the variable separating one political position from another is very good. Extremism towards one party or the other means flight and loss of votes.”

Faced with an inquiry regarding the definition of the nominations, the governor announced that he would invite AKP trainees. “In my province, I will encourage them to exist so that my successors may have legitimacy. In the law of the province of Entre Ríos there are open, simultaneous and compulsory courses.”

In a note with Perfil, Bordet also spoke about the effects of the Botnia pulp mill installation.

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