Cam Redish (shoulder) rest of the season

Cam Redish (shoulder) rest of the season

New York Knicks striker, Cam ReddishThe team announced, Thursday, its absence from the rest of the season due to a separation in the right shoulder.

Sources have told ESPN that Reddish’s recovery schedule will be six weeks, so he is expected to have a full summer of work ahead of the 2022-23 season.

Reddish, 22, has played an increasingly important role with the Knicks since the All-Star break, but hurt his shoulder in a fall against the Sacramento Kings on Monday.

Reddish will be eligible to trade his contract extension with New York this summer. The Knicks, 28-38 on a three-game winning streak, had been hoping to see Reddish long before rookie extension talks, but now he has missed the last 16 games of the regular season.

Reddish came to the Knicks on a January 10 deal after several teams sought deals with the Atlanta Hawks to get him.

The Knicks traded in the first round of 2022 via Charlotte Hornets and the striker Kevin Knox II To the Hawks for Reddish, Solomon Hill, and 2025 in the second round.

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Reddish, the 10th pick in the 2019 draft, was hampered by the Hawks’ packed roster of talented young players. This ultimately left him with no role or path to extend the contract and the hawks prioritized him for his transfer. Prior to the trade with the Knicks, Reddish had career highs in points (11.9), field goal percentage (40%), and free throw percentage (90%). He’s also fired 38% from a 3-point range this season, up from 26% last season.

In 15 games with the Knicks, Reddish averaged 6.1 points in 14.3 minutes. He had Knick’s best performance with 17 points in Sunday’s win over the Los Angeles Clippers.

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