Caracas 1, Junior 2: The result is good

Caracas 1, Junior 2: The result is good

Without explaining his doubts and doubts about football, but with a good result in his pocket, Junior made his debut in the 2021 Copa Libertadores. Rogibanco defeated Caracas 2-1 last night at the Central University Stadium in Venezuela with Commentary by Miguel Borga (69 minutes) and Ditta Wheeler (90 + 1).

Rogblancos fell to the scoreboard since the 36th minute with a surprise goal from African Samson Aquiniola.

Suppose junior Control the ball and the game From the first minutes, but as usual, without sufficient depth, dynamics, determination and intensity to pass his opponent.

Freddy Hinestroza, most active in the first half. He starred in a good job on the left that Miguel Borga couldn’t spin. He missed the final dash with his left flag. The ball passed over the bar.

Improved team behavior and intensity: Amaranth

The left wing returned to the ring and fought some skirmishes on the left, which were not successful. The best came after the flashy party that ended in its segment. Hinestroza finished with his left foot, but the goalkeeper Baker Velasquez reacted correctly.

Junior dominated the participation “Cariaco” González, with the departure of his team and the support of Fabien Angel, who eased the burden on the good changes from the front. However, it took the spark, creativity, pass, midfield, shot and the right decision in the last quarter of the field to reflect the superiority that began to appear in the course of the match on the scoreboard.

John Bagoy contributed a little and It seemed unclear about its correlation function With the extremists and Miguel Borga.

Amid his failures to break through and open the scoreboard, Junior Defense led by Sebastian Vieira breathed calmly, without any shock until Richard Selis discovered a leak in the visitor’s defense and enabled Samson Aquiniola in the region and Africa, accurately setting 1-0.

Reduced the benevolent goal shown by TiburoniYes, they became confused and disoriented, and a return to their negativity.

“The team showed good football and deserved to win”: Freddy Hinestroza

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