Keiko Fujimori: “I’m sure all Peruvians will know how to make a good decision, vote without fear”

Keiko Fujimori: “I’m sure all Peruvians will know how to make a good decision, vote without fear”
Keiko Fujimori with her husband Mark Vito and her brother Kenji

Fuerza Popular candidate, Keiko Fujimori, had breakfast in San Juan de Luregancho with female leaders at communal pots in the area. “Do not be afraid in the face of doubt. I am sure that all Peruvians will know how to make a good decision”said the candidate. “Peru is coming to the elections in a very polarized state, and starting tomorrow we must work for unity,” he added.

“My message is a profound gratitude to all Peruvians, and I want to validate our commitment to respecting the popular will, and the voters will decide whether I should be president or a simple citizen,” Fujimori told the press.

Fuerza Popular . filter She went to breakfast in a human settlement in the San Juan de Lurigancho region, east of Lima, accompanied by her husband, Marc Vito, her two daughters, and her two brothers Kenji and Sachi, who accompanied her throughout the campaign for the second time. a tour.

“Away from two years of estrangement and contradictions, I am very happy today that we are here together and we can give the message of unity and reconciliation that the country needs,” Fujimori said, addressing her brother sitting at the table with her. “It will always be an honor to work for the development of our country,” added the candidate running for the presidency of Peru for the third time.

Fujimori also thanked the players of the Peruvian national football team, who expressed their support for his candidacy on social media.. “I want to send my regards to the sons of the national team, when you work together you can achieve basic results, and after this start, the qualifying process can be transformed, they know we always carry them in our hearts,” referring to the defeat against Colombia in Lima.

Candidate Pedro Castillo having breakfast with his family before the press in Cajamarca
Candidate Pedro Castillo having breakfast with his family before the press in Cajamarca

Pedro Castillo, of Cajamarca, called for “mind and calm.” “I am sure this party will be fully democratic,” he said. “I call on the Peruvian people to be prudent and also thank them for giving us a chance in this democratic party. “Today, above all, Peru wins, above all, no one should be left behind,” the candidate told the media.

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Clad in the traditional wide-brimmed straw hat and accompanied by his family (wife, children, parents, brothers-in-law and several of his brothers), Castillo was calm and relaxed, “comfortable and happy” to take part in this election process.

He also used his brief talk to invite each of his colleagues to “mature” to address the day, as well as to offer an apology for the “objections, problems, and words” uttered during the campaign that “hurt someone or open sensibilities.”

At the table, where there was a breakfast typical of the region with a loaf of bread, tamales, eggs from filter chicken and chicken broth, among others, Castillo noted that the ceremony was a symbol of “loyalty, dignity and especially to share” with those most in need. “It saddens me very much that I have found abandoned children in my career, families who have nothing to share, but today whatever the outcome, let us all make an effort to get those families back, leaving personal interests behind,” he said.

“This breakfast is a gesture of loyalty and dignity, but it is also a gesture of sharing and I would tell you that it saddens me very much that I found abandoned children in my clamor, families without bread to share, families not identified, but today, in the face of the bicentenary, it is necessary to tell you That whatever the outcome, we are all winning an effort to get those families back,” the left-wing candidate added.

what a total On Sunday, 25.2 million voters came to vote for the next president of Peru. Unlike the first election round on April 11, the installation of polling stations responsible for polling station members is proceeding normally and without any delays reported on the previous date.

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In Lima, interim President Francisco Sagaste was one of the first authorities to vote at the start of the electoral process. After casting their votes, Sagaste urged citizens to come “quietly to vote,” and to realize that voting is an “important right and responsibility for the consolidation of democracy.”

The National Office for Electoral Operations (ONPE) urged younger voters to come early to install voting tables in the event that polling station members selected for this work did not appear, and to ensure that elections were held.

Citizens who perform table member work, until 7:00 p.m. when voting ends, will receive 120 soles ($30) as an incentive.

After the polling closes, the members of the polling station proceed to the counting and recording of votes, in the presence of representatives of both parties, and with the complete voting records in place, they will go to hand them over to a decentralized one. ONPE offices.

The President of ONPE, Piero Corveto, announced that the first official report of the vote will be known as of 11:30 pm this Sunday, as electoral records reach the counting centers.

In this sense, he reiterated the call for the executive authorities to calmly wait for the official results, given that voting intent polls showed that both applicants are in a hypothetical technical link in preferences.

Castillo of the left-wing Peruvian Liber party will vote in her home country of Cajamarca and then travel to Lima to await official results, while the right-wing Fujimori will vote in the afternoon in the Peruvian capital, where she resides.

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