Carla Estrada’s son wins at Disney after suffering rejection in Mexico

Carla Estrada’s son wins at Disney after suffering rejection in Mexico

Carla EstradaThe famous producer of TV series and series, she is a proud mother who shows it on her social networks where she shares the achievements of her animated designer son, Carlos Lopez Estrada.

The producer, through his Instagram account, shared a video clip in which he appears in the cinema with some friends, after watching the movie Disney’s ‘bar’ Where your He worked as a director.

Although it is a matter of pride that Mexican talent is triumphing abroad, according to Carlos Lopez Estrada, it was not always the case, as he has had to emigrate to the United States since then. He was rejected in his own country.

In a recent interview with De Primera Mano, producer Carla Estrada indicated that her son had experienced first-hand what the distinction was, since he was very young, but everything was going to happen in Mexico.

I think I felt more discrimination in MexicoWhen I was in school there were only güeritos, and I was dark.Director Carlos Lopez said Estrada in an interview.

At the age of thirty-two, he was responsible for forming Disney’s latest animation work, “Rea and the Last Dragon,” and indicated that he was already doing New projects will see the light in the coming years.

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