They ask Randazzo to lead the Peronian newspaper “La Capital de Mar del Plata”.

They ask Randazzo to lead the Peronian newspaper “La Capital de Mar del Plata”.

Judicial leaders and activists of the fifth section of the elections, as well as members of the political party under formation the summerAsked by Florencio Randazzo, head of a political department summoning the Peronists, “We do not give up “Camporist Christinism“And I am not McCurry’s electoral stalk.

They said, “We are the ones who see, on the one hand, the deepening of the institutional deterioration of the country with the government indulging in defending the interests of the family, and on the other hand, the current failure of Macrista is still.”

Likewise, they asserted that Florencio Randazzo is “the one who can represent us”. He clung to moral principles in the face of political commercialism that once again reshapes society. He was an effective manager of the role he played, in both provincial and national government. They have argued that he has proven experience and suitability and strong principles.

“Today we ask you to lead a project that restores hope and rebuilds trust. Crack is the carcass that birds of prey draw in. Let us overcome that leadership by building the future. Let us restore morals and values, until politics finds us once again working in the interest of society.”

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