Carla Panini disheveled on behalf of all of Mexico, is she worth it?

Carla Panini disheveled on behalf of all of Mexico, is she worth it?

actress Carla Panini She received so much hate several years ago, that she is considered the “national enemy” of Mexico. Her alleged actions made her the subject of ridicule on social media, and she spared no opportunity to expose any mistakes she made. The video that was recorded in the minds of Mexicans caused a sensation.

by clip on Famous TikTok digital platformErnestine del Mar‘, a character performed by a comedian Jair Villarrealtook the initiative to take revenge on behalf of all of Mexico by administering justice with his own hands with a sense of humor.

You can see in the 30-second video Carla Panini Accompanied by the comedian, they join thousands who have given musical performances, and dance to the choreography of the song of the Mexican regional genre “Shali”, composed by the composer. Eden Munoz. It was the climax moment when the chorus arrived as the lyrics were saying “Shake and Pure Front” Ernestina Del Mar decided to pull her hair out. Carla Panini He left her disheveled, then evaded her mischief. The heroine of the show “Las Lavanderas” was not angry at the joke, but, on the contrary, showed a good attitude by laughing at the Jair event.

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Carla Panini disheveled on behalf of all of Mexico, is she worth it? Source: TikTok

you can see here Carla Panini video.

In the description of the video posted on the account Ernestine del Maryou can read the sentence:

shake! Hahahahahahaha all over Mexico.

Netizens liked the video and showed their approval by flooding it with thousands of comments. “I did what all Mexico wanted to do in this life”, “No Tik Tok gave me much satisfaction HAHAHA”, “Mexico thanks you”, “He is the person I envy the most in my life”, were some of the similar phrases. However, at the expense of Carla Panini The video was also shared, but the celebrity has deactivated the comment option to avoid bad moments.

All this hate and hate for Carla Panini has an explanation. This situation goes back to the time when her famous show “Las Lavanderas” was at its best, sharing the stage with her ex-girlfriend. Carla Mun. It all fell apart when Luna found out her husband wasn’t faithful to her, and as if that weren’t enough, her lover is the one who proclaims himself her best friend. Carla Panini.

But the situation didn’t stop there, later when she was diagnosed with cervical cancer, which eventually led to her losing her life, conversations between Panini and Garza also surfaced, plotting to treat her poorly and inciting her then-husband to divorce. In order to be together frankly.

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