Arriba Mi Gente is the new program that will replace Mujeres al Mando: learn all the details of the space of Latina

Arriba Mi Gente is the new program that will replace Mujeres al Mando: learn all the details of the space of Latina
Even my people: it will replace women in leadership. (Photo: Latin)

after responsible woman It ended on February 25, with many wondering what program would replace it. Well, Latina answered the question after launching the promotion for up my peoplea space that will arrive in April and be led by him Matias Brivio, Ginaella Nera, Santi Lesmis and Karina Borreiro.

As mentioned, Thaís Casalino, Giovanna Valcárcel and Maricarmen Marín have been pulled after being on the air for 3 years. According to Latina, the magazine will hit screens with focus “Totally renewed with the latest entertainment shows, exclusive interviews and new sequences to be closer to the audience.”

“This new cross-platform format will provide viewers with live space with everything they need to start their day off right.”refers to the press release sent by the TV station.

The cast is made of Mathias PreviewAnd the Gianella NiraAnd the Santi Lessmis And the Karina Borrero However, it will have an extension “Fifth Driver”whose name has not yet been revealed.

It should be noted that in the promotional video launched by the channel, the supposed fifth driver appears in Mexico City International AirportWhere the voiceover says: “It’s also ours.”

Will Sheila Rojas accompany my people?

Will you be Sheila Rojas? It should be noted that a few weeks ago, the model indicated that she would return to Peru to be part of a programme. Given this, it has been widely speculated that she will be the new host of the new Latin space. However, the blonde has avoided releasing the dress until now.

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It was also speculated that it would be Melissa Paredes, but the fact that a new fan showed up at Mexico City’s international airport would rule that out.

Sheila Rojas talks about her health.  (Photo: Instagram)
Sheila Rojas talks about her health. (Photo: Instagram)

“above my people” Arrive in April on screens latin tv To revolutionize the morning schedule with new sequences and lots of current information that will always keep you entertained”, Latina concludes with his statement.

They will be the drivers above my people:

Mathias Preview

Matias Brivio has been a Latina host for a few years and is currently in charge of animation for Peru Has Talent, a space that has been taped for a while now and is on the air. He worked for many years at Esto es Guerra, but decided to retire to give his family more time.

Mathias Preview promises the countdown to the premiere days
Mathias Brevio is counting down the days of the premiere of “Peru Has A Talent”. (Photo: Instagram)

Gianella Nira

The announcer and actress is currently a jury for Peru Has Talent who, after completing the space recordings, joins this new proposal. He worked in several television and movie productions.

sante necessary

Space has always been one of the icons of America TV. He has always been a guest host on various shows, as well as being a strict jury for Queens of the Show and The Artist of the Year. This time we will see him as a permanent presenter of Arriba Mi Gente, becoming the new character of Latina.

Santi Lesmis was one of the judges for the Reyes del Show (Image: Instagram)
Santi Lesmis was one of the judges for the Reyes del Show (Image: Instagram)

Karina Borrero

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Karina Borreiro is an experienced journalist and news anchor. On this opportunity, he will venture into a magazine, where he will try to strike a balance between entertainment and information. It should be remembered that Matthias Preview is also an experienced journalist, so we wouldn’t be surprised if he was also in charge of news reporting.

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