Castelló gains more pedestrian space on Blasco Ibáñez Boulevard and works to calm the environment

Castelló gains more pedestrian space on Blasco Ibáñez Boulevard and works to calm the environment

The City Council of Castillo, through the Sustainable Mobility District, is implementing a Enter on Vicente Blasco Ibanez Street Which aims to boost pedestrians in the area, calm the environment and improve road safety. Along this line, three intermediate crossings of the avenue are closed to vehicular traffic by placing retractable bulkheads, in such a way as to give continuity to the separation wall, thus expanding the pedestrian area of ​​the street itself and acquiring a public space for people.

In these spaces now closed to traffic and pedestrians, they will Tactical urban planning interventions in the coming days, through games painted on the floor and street furniture, so that the new use of these partitions can be appreciated and enhanced with the naked eye.

“With the new intervention in Blasco Ibanez, we are prioritizing pedestrians and creating a safer area, by closing crossings for vehicular traffic and promoting the use of public spaces by citizens,” explained sustainable mobility advisor Jorge Ribes. . In addition, “We are responding to a request from the residents of the area to calm the perimeter of the road and thus help reduce the speed of vehicles passing through it,” explained the same consultant.

The closure of intersections on Blasco Ibáñez Street to traffic is in addition to a similar measure implemented on Capuchinos Street, which was achieved during the state of alarm and was subsequently reinforced. On this road, many vehicular crossings have also been disabled, giving safety to pedestrians and leaving only two intersections open to traffic in order to facilitate a change of direction. These actions are implemented in accordance with the proposals of the 2016-2024 Sustainable Urban Mobility and Road Safety Plan and strive to achieve a balance between the needs of people and the circulation of vehicles in the city.

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