Alex Saab: The United States opens a new operation against 6 members of its environment – Investigative Unit

Alex Saab: The United States opens a new operation against 6 members of its environment – Investigative Unit

US Justice just launched a file Second Level Within the investigation against Barranquilla Alex Saab, the designated front man for Nicolas Maduroand his environment.

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While green head progress in the protocols for his extradition to that country – for a massive money laundering operation, linked to the Venezuelan regime– A new operation is progressing in Miami that includes To the innermost circle of Maduro’s followers.

Alvaro Pulido, Saab partner.

So far, the investigations have focused on Saab, who has been detained in Cape Verde, since June 12, 2020, and who he has turned to.The system tried to cover immunity The diplomat is to be released immediately.

But now the target is the Colombian too Alvaro Pulido.

Although his name appears on indictment And in the red circular stating that Saab was deprived of freedom, Pulido continues his freedom and intelligence reports Found it in Caracas.

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Although the new file It is kept under reserveEL TIEMPO that those involved will also be linked to an international operation of Money laundering passes through Hong Kong.

Turns to Hong Kong

Alex Saab's son

Shady Nine Saab Sirtain, son of Alex Saab, appears in at least one of the companies through which funds have been transferred under the magnifying glass of the United States.

In addition to polishing, The new research includes five other people dealing with Saab’s company fibers and personality, whose names have been withheld.

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Saab wrote a letter last week asserting that he will not and will not cooperate with US justice betrays the system.

after declaring ‘victim’ And making sure that he was tortured by the Cape Verdean authorities, he said he would not surrender or betray Nicolas Maduro or Chavismo. But the new file may have spillover effects.

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EL TIEMPO proved that within the framework of the new investigation appears international transactions that are going through Bogota, Panama, Hong Kong and the Middle East.

Group Grand Limited is one of the companies that has worked on the transfer of funds affiliated with the United States. Appears among its directors Shady Nin SaabOne of the sons of Saab.

Alex Saab Corrupt Network

The United States connects Alex Saab with dozens of companies.

former diplomat

Javier Betancourt

Javier Betancourt, former director of Group Grand Limited.


Abel Cardenas / The Time

EL TIEMPO revealed, in 2017, that the former Colombian Consul Javier Betancourt Valley Involved in the plot.

And now it is known that it has already happened Talks with US authorities.

Yes good Betancourt Tell this newspaper, at the time, that All deals were legalBelgian authorities requested an investigation after that company tried to negotiate a $200 million bond PDVSAVenezuelan Oil Company.

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Another company under the magnifying glass is Good Central Hong Kong Limited.

Investigation by EL TIEMPO Established, in official databases, whose name appears in that signature Emmanuel Enrique Rubio, the son of Alvaro Pulido, a difficult partner who also used an identity Germain Rubio Salas.

That company would have benefited from the purchase, preferential rates, Millions of dollars Maduro regime.

Colombian company Fran Holdings, Led by Adriana Martinez Rodriguez, Pulido’s ex-wife, the ancestor and ancestor recorded up to 818 million pesos, received from Good middle.

In the next few days, the Florida court will officially release new search related to the Saab case. The date of Barranquillero’s delivery to the DEA will also be known.

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However, Saab’s defense continues to insist that his detention is arbitrary, that he has immunity and that caso obeys political undertones. Also, that all of their business is legal.

In fact, they insist Cape Verde has violated their rights and that their health is deteriorating. However, Maduro appointed him as his spokesperson to the dialogue table advancing with the opposition in Mexico.

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