The radical decision in Chivas if Ricardo Cadena does not beat Pachuca

The radical decision in Chivas if Ricardo Cadena does not beat Pachuca

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A journalist confirmed that Guadalajara has already defined the profile that they will look for in the artistic direction.


The pressure due to no wins at Apertura 2022 continues to build within Chivas, so forThe rumors about Ricardo Cadena continuing to recur more and morewhere The journalist emphasized that if the Rojiblanco did not beat Pachuca, the helmsman would be expelled from Guadalajara.

Andre Marin confirmed it in Guadalajara Coaches’ proposals continue to arrive to take over the team at Apertura 2022; However, the continuity of the current pastor will be determined by the score against Tuzos, as well as the fact that They already have a new helmsman profile.

“Since the match ended in Queretaro, on Wednesday, Ricardo Pelaez and Amore Vergara’s phone keeps ringing (…]I don’t know if I’ll call it an ultimatum or say last ultimatum and we’ll go, but It is a fact that if Guadalajara does not play this weekend against Pachuca, if they do not play well and win, then they will have a new coach next week.

“They tell me that They will try something different, With a not drunk coach from the Mexican league, something completely new as they did and They have achieved great success like Mathias Almeida,” he confirmed on his YouTube channel.

What are the following obligations of Chivas?

Guadalajara will continue to have weeks of intense football activity because of this Last week he played with Lyon and Juventus and in the middle of the week he did it against Queretaro.for this reason Their next commitments will be against Pachuca on Saturday at Akron Stadium, against the LA Galaxy on Wednesday at Sophie Stadium. And then visit Mazatlan on August 5th.

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