Censorship in Venezuela: cancel the radio program of opposition candidate in Barinas Sergio Garrido

Censorship in Venezuela: cancel the radio program of opposition candidate in Barinas Sergio Garrido
Sergio Garrido

The radio program of the opposition candidate for the January 9 elections in the state of Barinas – the birthplace of Hugo Chavez – has been suspended – Sergio GarridoOn Monday, it was also denounced by the Venezuelan NGO Los Llanos Human Rights Foundation (Fundehullan).

We deplore the suspension of the satellite broadcast of the candidate of the unit in Barinas, Sergio Garrido, on the station. Echoes 91.1 From Santa Barbara de Barinas‘,” he wrote on his Twitter account, Fundehullan.

Without providing further details, they denounced that “The Venezuelan state, through the Conatel (National Communications Commission), is violating freedom of expression By imposing censorship on the radio spaces that provide their spaces for the opinion of citizens and inform the community.”

Fundehullan's tweet
Fundehullan’s tweet

So they refusedArbitrary actions of Conatel officials against radio stations in the llanos . region“.

Results of the November 21 elections in Barinas Annulled by the Supreme Court of Justice (TSJ) Considering that the opposition candidate and winner by a narrow margin, Freddy Superlanodespite his disability.

real time, The reason why Superlano is disabled is unknownSince then, in August 2020, Nicolás Maduro’s regime has given him, along with 109 other people, a polite measure considering the lifting of any blockade that would prevent him from assuming public office and developing political missions.

Because of that , The elections will be re-run on January 9, with Jarrido replacing Soberlano at the helm of the Democratic Unity Table (MUD) coalition..


For his part, the other opposition candidate Claudio Fermin confirmed that he would defeat the “continuity” of powerAfter 22 years in the hands of relatives of the late president.

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“Those who have had all the power for 22 years cannot speak now of the strength of the Barinas. If the same policies are applied, we are not going anywhere. We will work to change policies, not to ‘kick you off’. We will defeat continuityFermin confirmed, according to a press release.

The candidate – considered a dissident by the anti-Chaveza majority bloc – asserted that Barinas, a state ruled since 1998 by Hugo Chávez’s father and two brothers, “Leave her in misery“.

Since 1998, the election has always been won by someone named Chavez: Hugo de los Reyes Chavez He was in power until 2008, when he took over Adam ChavezOne of his sons and brother of then President Hugo. In 2017, the heir was Argenes Chavez, the same thing he lost to him in November Freddy Superlano. After the elections were canceled by Maduro’s dictatorship, the governor resigned and left free space for the United Socialist Party of Venezuela to appoint a president Jorge Ariza as a new filter.

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