Centro Paseo Cívico: The space that will turn the Alameda’s southern sector into a smart city

Centro Paseo Cívico: The space that will turn the Alameda’s southern sector into a smart city

During this morning, the Minister of Housing and Urban Planning, Felipe Ward, together with the Mayor of Santiago, Felipe Alessandri, officially began the work of “Paseo Centro Civico”, a redesign project in the southern region of Alameda creating this pedestrian space, adding technology and providing new green spaces with Create four squares.

The work, funded by Serviu Metropolitano and executed by the municipality, includes the intervention of Alonso de Oval, San Diego and Serrano, which will be increased by 5,000 square meters.2 The sidewalks will improve pedestrian movement by reducing vehicle lanes, the sidewalk will be leveled with roads to facilitate the movement of people with limited mobility, more than 50 new trees will be planted, and more than 130 lamps and furniture will be installed comprehensively.

In this regard, Minister Philip Ward stressed that “This is social integration. There is always talk about social integration in terms of housing construction and improvement. It is very good to find that houses are located in the best neighborhoods, but this is a ministry bearing the first and last name, and in the case of urban planning, of course we have to work on matters of social integration, Therefore, public spaces allow access to all people and have the standards that all communes in Chile have and of course the cities that also have the best technology in the world. “.

Paseo Centro Cívico is an urban project that is part of Santiago’s overall mobility plan and takes into account the various characteristics that will transform the Alameda Sur sector into a smart city, including:

  • Low Energy Smart Bulbs
  • Free Wi-Fi with high speed access points and wide coverage
  • Remote protection system to prevent crime and contribute to emergencies
  • Interactive totems
  • Urban and environmentally friendly chargers for electronic equipment
  • Environmental standards measuring equipment, for monitoring and data transfer.

Regarding this progress in the municipality, Mayor Felipe Alessandre pointed out “We want a more humane Santiago, which puts pedestrians in the first place, which is why we created Paseo Centro Cívico, which is part of our overall mobility plan in a large flow of people hub, such as Alonso de Ovalle and Serrano, we are expanding the sidewalks, creating new squares, And improve the environment in an integrated way with trees, new lights, and public Wi-Fi, so that the center is a meeting place, and sustainable mobility is privileged. ”

This project aims to expand and replicate the level of urban business that has been carried out in Santiago Centro (such as Calle Bandera), as well as incorporate elements that will transform these public spaces into safer, more friendly and more connected spaces.

The work, with an investment of $ 1.775 million, will be executed for 180 days, to be completed by the end of July this year.

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