The Mexicans will classify the Copa Libertadores: Nicholas Larcamon

The Mexicans will classify the Copa Libertadores: Nicholas Larcamon

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Argentine Nicolas Larkamon, Coach PueblaOn Wednesday, it confirmed the participation of Mexican clubs It would give more hierarchy to the Copa LibertadoresThe oldest club tournament in the world has already received them as guests.

“The Libertadores It is a tournament that will be ranked with the entry of the Mexican national teams. When they participated They were artistsThey reached final states and, If they had better luck they would have been championsWithout a doubt. “

Former Venezuelans Anzoátegui, Chilean Antofgasta, Huachipato and Curicó Unido reinforced his opinion by recalling Sunday’s semi-final wins from clubs World Cup From Tigers Mexican about it Palm trees Brazilian, new champion of Copa Libertadores.

Today the Mexican teams They are on the verge of any confrontation It could be in the Libertadores Cuba. Mexican football (being in Libertadores) improves the soccer player and It would be a good possibility Whether for the championship or in the Spanish league. “

Larcamón Arrived at the Puebla seat For the current Clausura Championship to replace Peru Juan Renoso. In five directed matches, they achieve one win, two draws and two defeats.

In Puebla Marsh it occupies the thirteenth place.

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