Challenge Base | Basket Total

Challenge Base |  Basket Total

At the start of the match the two teams took turns on the scoreboard. Macabeo played the ball with Alessio on Kiril and Marín before Cuello, on the other hand, a beach man with the Argentine breaching and falling as a Fuller’s henchman who hurt his opponent. Target on target was first boy’s keynote, Ambrosoni heated his hand and placed two bombs while Nicola directed his team’s attack until they rose 23-19.

Malvin came out better, as Coelho was a character and Fausto was a true defensive stronghold, thus serving eight: 30-22. Hebraica was far from giving up, although Racio was not attracted, and Alessio was the character in the painting, and Galletto showed flashes of his class; In the blink of an eye there were three dwarves (32-29). The two brothers are united and so did Pomoley, between the two who played and played to increase the income to nine, 42-33. The yellow group and the little fame of Racio, well defended by the members of Avenida Legrand, felt a lot dependent on Marin and Alessio, though, differences were preserved and the first half closed in favor of Beach 46-39.

Hebraica was more involved in the start of the third half with great intensity in defense, setting up a 6-0 quick to downsize one and spurring Camiña to burn time-out, but with a hat-trick from Ambrosoni and sparks from Rasio, the Lovera boys passed 48-47. But Malvin woke up, and Coelho, Santiso and Nicola’s bombs seemed to regain control of the action with a quick 10-4 portion. The meeting has reached a plateau, both of which are imprecise, but this served Malvin with a score of 10 (64-54). Maccabee sought the opponent with Alessio who was the number and dropped 69-62.

Those led by Lovera have faced the final ten minutes knowing there will be no tomorrow, so in the blink of an eye with the Argentine trio on attack they pass the scoreboard 77-72. Alessio and Marin did not decrease in intensity, they went up to the post and after three, Malvin gave up, did not find the return, and Pomuli was not attracted, the ball did not want to enter Coelho, and Santiso was clearer, while on the side of Hebraica everything was rosy, in fact. Opened 11, 86-75. Just as the ball didn’t go in, Coelho straightened his wrist, Haller hit the main grenade, thus setting Legrand Street 10-0.

The shutdown was not suitable for heart patients, Alessio stood on the line and put one of the two, in reloading, Haller attacked the ring, goal and error and thus went 88-87 but the yellow dice quickly replaced Marin after a great help from Racio put a huge tray to take the reins again. . With seconds passed by Malvin’s attack with Haller throwing Alessio, the play ended with a hasty shot from Nicola that was unsuccessful. Hebraica celebrations, Farah Macabia, but like yesterday, the rule of the challenge was the main actor, Caminia asked for a review of the play and indeed there was a touch on Alessio’s forearm to Haller, Federico’s pulse did not shiver, he went to the line and ordered the rescue of both. With just over five seconds left to play, Marin threw from court to field with a hat-trick with what was left of him and the ball fiddled with the hoop, did not want to go in and the Beach Team closed the win and the series with numbers 90-89 and this is how Biguá will be measured in the quarter-finals .

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