Sueca has a new public parking spot on Dr. Fleming

Sueca has a new public parking spot on Dr.  Fleming

As of today, Sueca has a new public parking spot on Dr. Fleming. Consequently, Sueca City Council, through the Department of Urban Planning, is responding to a long-standing demand from citizens regarding the lack of parking space. The new car park joins recently opened parking lots, such as the one next to the local police headquarters or the one at Avenida del Mestre Serrano.

Mayor of Sueca, Dimas Vázquez; Urban Planning Council member Fernando Franco, Consultants, Manoli Ijia, Joan Carles Vázquez, Vladimir Miku and Gemma Navarro visited the new facility with 62 parking spaces, plus two more places for people with functional diversity. “The adaptation of this parking lot is a project born a little over a year ago. Its implementation was complicated because it was a matter of plots of land involving many owners and a consensus had to be reached; but, finally, it was possible to achieve, This added a lot of value to the whole area We are so pleased to be able to have it available to all neighbors Urban Planning Consultant, Fernando Franco explained that we have also installed the entire sidewalk lighting and air conditioning in front.

For his part, Dimas Vazquez, Mayor of Suica, pointed out that “this measure is in addition to the measures that have already been implemented in recent months to try to solve the parking problem in the city. We continue to study other possibilities for managing and adapting other areas during this period to provide solutions.” For citizens and improving the quality of life. “

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