Chelsea could turn to Brendan Rodgers if Frank Lampard sacks his coach under fire

Chelsea could turn to Brendan Rodgers if Frank Lampard sacks his coach under fire

Chelsea could turn to Brendan Rodgers if the ax fell on Frank Lampard.

The hierarchy at Stamford Bridge admired their former academy coach’s job in chasing the title Leicester.

Sigre Rodgers before Chelsea But you won’t even consider moving until summer.

Owner Roman Abramovi is a big fan of Lampard and desperately needs him for success.

But the last round of five Premier League Defeats in eight matches, including a 2-0 return to Leicester, left him vulnerable to Abramoviوفيت’s willingness to make changes when the competition intensified.

Chelsea coach Frank Lampard is under fire

Lampard desperately needs to win the Luton Championship today in the fourth round of the FA Cup to give the 42-year-old some breathing room.

But after obtaining a license to spend more than 200 million pounds last summer, the Chelsea boardroom will not accept the club being excluded from the Champions League places.

But Lampard insists he has no problems maintaining a perspective on the pressures he is exposed to by looking at everything that’s happening in the world.

He said, “It’s a very important point. I mentioned before that I am a Chelsea manager and a Chelsea fan, and who wouldn’t be excited about this prospect?”

“So I do it in these tough times and I can come to work and wear this track suit and feel proud to wear it, while a lot of people are suffering across the country, all over the world, people are dying, the numbers are rising daily.

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“ And when I see and feel it, we all hope we have compassion to look around clearly and see that people are losing their jobs.

Rodgers continues to impress him in Leicester

“People struggle to earn a living and this is a tremendous view of what is called pressures or struggles.

“I mean that honestly.

“I want to be successful, so when we go through a series of matches and don’t win, I look for solutions and answers, and I’ll fight for them.

“After that I expect this from the players on the field.

“But this is not the worst pressure, this is good pressure, I enjoy doing it in my life and the perspective of what is going on in the world is a huge perspective.”

And Lampard says Mason Mount has played the role in a non-escape location at Chelsea – even if he’s able to take a breather.

The 22-year-old has made 33 appearances for club and country since the start of September and only three of them have been on the bench.

He is critical to the team, Lampard said.

“There is always a good balance in this job in terms of time you can get comfortable for the players who are important to the team.

“ Right now, he’s a player on the team who plays with confidence and a work ethic – things that Mason has been doing pretty much all the time with Chelsea.

“But now he’s getting real recognition and he’s growing.

“He trains, he’s resting, he’s doing everything right professionally.

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“So if anyone can handle games and minutes, he’s a mason.”

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