Chickis Rivera and her revenge dress block mouths to those who criticize her weight

Chickis Rivera and her revenge dress block mouths to those who criticize her weight

Shekis RiveraAmerican singer, businesswoman, songwriter, famous writer and daughter of Jenny Rivera. A few days ago, paparazzi released photos of Shekis In bikini while visiting the beach in Tulum. Those same pictures sparked a lot of controversy with netizens because they made extremely ugly comments judging their appearance for having a few extra kilos.

But in this case Shekis Rivera She always showed a lot of self-love and did not remain silent in the face of the harsh criticism directed at her appearance, because she uploaded some pictures on Instagram in which she is proud of her natural curves, and this is a great example of that. Shekis Rivera It gives to a lot of women.

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A few hours after uploading a picture to her Instagram account wearing a red dress, which greatly affected thousands of people and at the same time closed the mouth of those who criticized her for her extra kilos, also within a few hours of posting it, he actually got 46,229 likes and as is Expected with many positive comments.

“Bella my friend”, “What side locker I got out of, doll”, “beautiful”, “cool”, “incredible”, “you art”, “I love you”, “you are so beautiful”, “wow you are so beautiful” “I adore you”, “what a singer”, “beautiful”, “my baby’s beautiful”, “amazing”, those were just some of the many comments made by Shekis Rivera In her photo with her dress that fell thousands of mouths.

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And, as expected, there were also very negative comments about her such as: “The filters should be removed”, “Your shoes were too big for you,” “Even with the extra pounds still being seen,” “Don’t do it anymore.” These were some of the comments that They insulted the singer Shekis Rivera

“Self-love is when you respect yourself and don’t give your ass to an opportunist in a month. Check out what love and self-esteem is,” was a comment from a follower that caught a lot of attention.

Despite everything, eldest daughter Jenny Rivera, Shekis Rivera She showed a lot of self-love under conditions of criticism because of her extra weight, and although thousands of people criticized her, this made her stronger because she guarantees that she loves herself as she is and does not need the approval of others.

Many women have taken this position as an example that there are women who feel uncomfortable about their physical appearance, however Shekis Rivera He has shown that we don’t need anyone’s approval, let alone a man, to be happy.

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