Sotavento Cultural Forum, a space by Ibn Jarrocho

Sotavento Cultural Forum, a space by Ibn Jarrocho

The Candelaria celebrations It is often seen as a religious manifestation, but also as a An example of a tradition of popular culture Which gives identity to certain areas of the country, and the most famous of them are the ones that were receiving them these days Tlacotalpan, in Veracruz, Where son Jarrocho owns a place for his identity.

This is behind religious ceremonies, and different forms of The Garanero movement finds in the place the best space for the development of the Sotavento Cultural Forum. The Veracruzano Institute for Culture (IVEC), which will be held until February 2, has promoted it in a distant edition.

With a meditating program Documentary films, editorial and documentary presentations, The Sun Jarocho Forum, Space for Traditional sotaventin music, Which broadcasts in coordination with Radio Educación, a station of the Federal Ministry of Culture.

The intention is to give continuity to an unmissable date with Jarrocho’s son, for which an effort has been made to keep the promotion channel and editorial material from Veracruz’s creators and from the music open, says Sylvia Alejandry Prado, IVEC’s Director-General. From the region that “fills us with pride”.

Among the activities is the screening of the documentary South Captain, A production by Barlovento Films, which examines the evolution of the jaranero movement from the perspective of one of its important agents, musician and cultural promoter Juan Meléndez de la Cruz; in addition to, Fandango at the Wall / Fandango en el muro, Under the direction of Chief Sajjal and Varda Par-Kar, who focuses on sharing a message Fandango Fronterizo, a musical graffiti celebration held on the Tijuana-San Diego borderArtists from Veracruz and around the world participate.

There will also be View the book Leeward Cards, By visual artist Alec Dempster, and Desde el Papaloapan con Caro, a YouTube program by young Tlacotalpeña Carolina Hermida; Also, Cesar Castro JarruchilloAn artist from Veracruz based in Los Angeles, California A digital guide to studying Jr. Jarrocho. Audio recordings will be presented from the Sotavento region of Oaxaca and Tabasco Calta flow From Los Carretoneros de Loma Bonita, Oaxaca, and On the voice of Pelesser, From the Los Pachamama collection of Villahermosa, Tabasco.

For its part, the Son Jarocho Forum, implemented in coordination with Radio Educación, will broadcast concerts of prominent artistic groups, such as Los Soneros del Tesechoacán, Limonaria, Son de Barro, Tlacocotl and Mono Blanco, as well as presentations by groups originating from Tlacotalpan such as Siquisirí and Estanzuela And children and youth groups in the House of Culture in this city such as Ariles and Colibrí, who have registered their participation in the new IVEC Cultural Center, the Cultural Center in Sotavento on the shore of the Papaloapan River.

This art program will be broadcast on IVEC social networks, and can also be heard on Radio Education. The schedule can be referenced at Veracruzano Institute for Culture page.


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