Chihuahuan, it is sure to conquer the universe

Chihuahuan, it is sure to conquer the universe

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Saturday 24 April 2021 | 09:15

Mexico City- Willing to travel to Florida, the United States, to compete on May 16 for the Miss Universe crown, Chihuahuan Andrea Meza, Mexican Universal 2020, says she is happy to fulfill one of her biggest dreams: to participate in this competition and win Mexico’s crown for the most beautiful woman in the world.

It is a dream that I saw many years ago, and knowing that I will be on that stage in less than a month fills me with energy, motivation and pride; She emphasized, excited, in an interview while taking the photo for Reforma, especially because it has become Mexico and represents everything my country has to offer.

This time of preparation and learning, says Chihuahuan, the software engineer, was a process of internal change that took her away from fear of what they would say and helped her, safely and mature, be the woman she is now.

At 1.80 meters high, this 26-year-old model, a vegan and crossfit fanatic, warns that her readiness has intensified in recent days in modeling classes, public speaking, human development, storytelling, physical training routines, and numerous photography sessions.

In Miss Universe, I will show my personality and style, the woman I am now, and will proudly wear a large variety of formal and informal clothing that showcases the excellent talent and quality of Mexican design.

For me, the method is to show your personality through clothes, so that people can see and get to know you a little bit without having to say a word ?? , Keep in mind Misa, who is also a professional makeup artist while modeling. Publishing house, delicately and elegantly, the Spring-Summer 2021 collection by the famous Spanish designer Roberto Ferino.

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In everyday life, she says the creator of her own sportswear brand, called Amaw (Andrea Meza ActiveWear), “I like to wear practical and comfortable clothes. I love choosing the outfit that is the protagonist and combining it with a discreet shoe and a small bag. I love simple accessories, I love bracelets and I never stop wearing the watch.

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