They find the remains of what may have been a missing submarine

They find the remains of what may have been a missing submarine

(CNN) – The Indonesian navy changed its position Submarine A naval chief revealed the debris believed to have been aboard the ship at a news conference on Saturday from “missing” to “sinking”.

Indonesian Navy Commander Yudo Marcono said authorities believe the KRI Nangala-402 submarine and its crew will take evacuation measures to recover them once they identify their exact location.

The latest update brought hope to find 53 employees who may have lost oxygen early Saturday morning. So far, Udo has said no symptoms have been found.

Yudo said some of the warships anchored in the Bali Sea, where the submarine last contacted Wednesday, would help locate the ship by locating metal or magnetic objects at sea.

He also noted that an explosion was not believed to have occurred on the submarine, but the ship’s strong pressure probably created a rift through which some elements escaped.

Six pieces of debris believed to have come from the submarine were released at the press conference. Yudo said the items were found about 3.1 kilometers from where the submarine began to sink before disappearing, and included a grease bottle, part of a torpedo launcher, part of a metal tube, prayer mats and fuel.

He said the debris was floating in a spot at a depth of 850 meters in the sea, which would make the discharge much “harder”.

As the military continues its search for a missing submarine off the coast of Bali, an Indonesian naval patrol prepares to leave a naval base in Pyongyang, East Java.

Authorities had previously said the submarine could not withstand depths of more than 500 meters.

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Naval personnel said those on board the KRI Nangala-402 submarine had confirmed that some of the debris was submerged. Grease matches what the crew uses to lubricate the periscope of the bottle sub.

Sunario, 48, one of the missing divers, said he and his wife were shocked by the news of the discovery of the debris, but hoped the Navy would be able to locate their son, Gunadi Fajr Rahmondo.

I think they can still find my son. Whatever happens, the evacuation process must continue until my son and the rest of the group are found, ”Sunario CNN, a small village in the Yogyakarta area, told CNN.

Sunario said his wife, Sumiatti, 47, was depressed and worried about his daughter-in-law, who is seven months pregnant. Gunathi’s wife is planning to return to her hometown in Central Java because she wants to give birth at her parents ’house, he said.

Gunadi, who holds the rank of ordinary sailor, joined the Navy seven years ago and was later assigned to the submarine. He last reunited with his parents on March 29 and said goodbye to Kundi before embarking on another trip. “I said, be careful,” Sunario commented.

He appealed to the Navy not to complete the search, and said there were updates from his son’s Navy colleagues. Quality and the whole team must be found at all costs. He is a good son, ”he said.

High technical skills

Indonesian search teams said Friday that they had identified an area where the submarine was located.

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The area of ​​interest is located about 40 kilometers north of Bali, where oil was found on the surface of the water near the sinkhole, and an object from the submarine was found, Maze. General Ahmed Riyadh, head of the Central Military Information Division. The Indonesian navy on Saturday changed the status of a missing submarine from a “missing submarine” to a “sunken submarine”. Conference

A naval vessel detected an object with a “strong magnetic field” at a depth of 50 to 100 meters, Riyadh told a news conference on Friday, and the navy expects its warship Riquel to reach the search area on Friday.

The Sonar is equipped with reconnaissance equipment, and the Navy hopes to locate the German submarine KRI Nangala-402, which lost contact during a military exercise in the Bali Strait on Wednesday morning.

On April 23, an Indonesian serviceman posted photos of the missing group at the Nugura Roy military air base in Gutta, Bali, Indonesia.

More ships with high-tech capabilities joined the search effort on Friday, forming a search team of 21 Indonesian warships, a submarine and additional ships from the Indonesian Police and Rescue Department.

Both Australian warships have joined the search effort.

“The HMA Ballarat and Sirius ships are currently at sea in separate regional deployments, reaching the best speed for the search area,” the Australian Defense Department said in a statement on Friday.

Rear Admiral Mark Hammond of the Australian Task Force said his thoughts were with the KRI Nangala Divers, their families and the Indonesian people. “As always, we are ready to assist our fellow Indonesian naval sailors,” he said.

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The United States will also send planes to search for the missing submarine.

Three C-17 jets with submarine search and rescue ships and equipment were expected to take off from Dover Air Force Base on Friday.

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