RINGDOM is a place for fans of science fiction literature

RINGDOM is a place for fans of science fiction literature

Ringdom, Stary’s science fiction platform, offers fantasy fans a platform to discover new authors and genres, as well as publish their written adventures.

Introduced to you by Stary, Ringdom, a storytelling entertainment company, is an online fantasy land of adventure, high concept, and page turning stories for book lovers all over the world.

Ringdom is dedicated to collecting high-quality literature to provide its readers with the most immersive experience. Be it the fictional universe, supernatural endeavors, or even divine creatures, there is a world of adventure that everyone can enjoy and indulge in. The Ringdom team believes that stories can help us temporarily escape our daily lives and awaken our souls to different worlds. For this reason, the app’s mission is to provide an epic journey for anyone to go out and meet amazing new characters.

The application available on Google Play, Provides readers with relevant lists of recommended books based on the user’s previous readings. They have created a community of fantasy enthusiasts who can access different genres like thriller, fantasy, video games, urban paranormal, urban realism, and more. Ringdom has focused on designing an environment for reading in which everyone relates. To create a sense of community within the platform, users can post comments and ideas about their favorite stories or share their own stories with other members of the Ringdom community.

Not only does Ringdom create a community of fiction-loving readers but also encourages its members to start their narrative careers through Stary, which provides aspiring writers a comfortable space to maximize their potential by providing publishing tools and monetizing your final stories. More than 300,000 books have been written and published on Stary, reaching over 100 million readers in over 130 regions and countries. Whether winning more than $ 100,000 in one of their writing competitions, building a loyal audience of readers, or publishing their first cover novel, the authors were a hit.

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Stary works with emerging authors to publish their work on one of its related subsidiary platforms, depending on what the novel is about, to reach the maximum readership. Writers can monetize their final pieces and start getting paid once they post 3,000+ words on the platform. Once they reach that goal, they work with Stary to craft a contract that covers pay rates and commissions, which is always easy for a writer to reach.

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