Chivas: Victor Manuel Vucic will cease to be Guadalajara coach

Chivas: Victor Manuel Vucic will cease to be Guadalajara coach

After the poor results achieved in the first eleven days of Guardians 2021In addition to not having published good football on the field of play, the Chivas Reyadas from Guadalajara They were considering hiring a new coach for the upcoming tournament, and he thanked him for that Victor Manuel Vucic, Less than a year ago rented by flock.

According to information revealed by René Tovar of ESPN, Chivas’ dressing room no longer taps into his coach’s thoughts, as King Midas had an outdated relationship with Rebaño’s footballers in recent matches.

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In addition to the bad relationship with the Chivas players, the board of directors will not be happy with the Vucetich game system, as they do not see progress in football with him at the helm and do not see strategic developments in their curriculum, in addition to that. The extent of your training routine.

“Another point. They see that it is very difficult for Vucetich to stay in the team. The relationship with the players is not the best. They even assured me that something they don’t like about” King Midas “is that they don’t see much news strategically and the training sessions are very routine. Pity, “Tovar published.

The Chivas faced serious defending problems in Clausura 2021, which is why fans attacked Víctor Manuel Vucetich, as they assured that they were not working as the stalled ball should be, as they dealt a lot of damage.

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On the one hand, it is ensured that if the dismissal of Victor Manuel Vucic is granted in advance, Guadalajara will have to liquidate his contract entirely.

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