Somerset ‘Sonic boom’ was reported: Live updates as people report loud bangs

Somerset ‘Sonic boom’ was reported: Live updates as people report loud bangs

People heard a loud boom all over a large area of ​​Somerset this afternoon.

People across the county were baffled by the noise, which shook the windows between 3pm.

Car alarms can be heard after the explosion.

Several people have reported hearing noise around Taunton as well as in West Somerset, as far as Yeovil, and parts of Devon and Dorset.

The sound has been described as a loud boom or a double boom that led people to speculate about the likelihood of a shock wave from an explosion or a hypersonic plane. There was even speculation about a possible earthquake.

Hannah White, a Somerset resident, said this is not the first loud noise she has heard this week: “We live in Winkanton. We heard a huge explosion yesterday afternoon and heard as far north of Chariton. Today at 2.55 pm we heard a very long rumble and people are also reporting on it. Facebook that it’s been heard as far away as Portland and Tunton too. “

This live blog will be updated as more information appears, scroll down to see the latest updates.

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“I was in the greenhouse in my backyard and heard it very loudly,” said Stephen Griffiths of Watchtower. “I felt the boom of boom across the greenhouse floor panels and the little greenhouse shook.”

If you have any information or see what happened, let me know [email protected]

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