Chivas’ win over Atlas is the reason they advance to the semifinals

Chivas’ win over Atlas is the reason they advance to the semifinals

ESPNMay 14, 2023, 11:58 PM ETReading: 3 min.

Paco Gabriel asks not to exclude Chivas among the title favourites

After getting a pass to the semi-finals, our analysts highlighted the important points to eliminate Atlas.

A goal from ‘Tipa’ Sepulveda, solid defending and two saves from ‘Wacho’ Jimenez helped Rebano eliminate Atlas.

Guadalajara Won 1-0 and progressed to the semi-finals Atlas In the second leg of the semi-final, with a goal by Gilberto Sepulveda. El Rebano showed a defensive line and was able to nullify the red and black duo formed by Julio Furch and Julian Quinones.

Additionally, Miguel Jimenez’s interventions and Veljko Paunovic’s conversions helped Guadalajara take the lead.

We present to you the reasons why Guadalajara won against Atlas in the Liguilla Clasico Tabatio.

A goal by ‘Dipa’ Sepulveda, solid defending and two saves by ‘Wacho’ Jimenez helped Rebano eliminate Atlas.Imago7

Tiba Sepulveda’s timely goal

Sivas He advanced to the semi-finals by topping the points table. However, they must draw or win on aggregate to progress. This required at least one goal, and whoever put on the hero cap Akron Arena Gilberto “El Tiba” Sepulveda was the only player on the youth team to eliminate Atlas and advance to the final event of Mexican soccer.

After minutes passed Sivas’ illusion began to wear off. A corner kick went in Flock’s favour, and in the 56th minute Alexis Vega was responsible for sending the ball into the center and it rose in the area, with neither player avoiding the ball. For this, Gilberto “El Tiba” Sepulveda He lowered his body to finish the ball and send it into the bottom of the net.

Flock Defense Ordinance

Besides Rojiblanco’s score, Gilberto “El Tiba” SepulvedaWorking well in defense alongside Gilberto Orozco and Antonio “El Pollo” Briseno, he was responsible for nullifying the best duo in Liga MX: Julián Quiñones and Julio Furch, who were the main reason for the advantage at first. A leg that kept them with one foot in the semi-finals of the Clausura 2023.

Alan Mozzo was able to contain the Rojiblancos’ attacks and joined the attack whenever he could.

Miguel Jiménez saves Chivas

Goalkeeper Sivas He responded just in time, when Atlas was looking for an equalizing goal, which was to eliminate the herd.

Miguel Jimenez He saved shots from Ozil Herrera, Julio Furch and Julian Quinones to keep a clean sheet and book a place in the semi-finals.

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