Paco Ramirez lost his nerve and attacked Scoponi

Paco Ramirez lost his nerve and attacked Scoponi

he A heated duel between Toros del Celaya and Atlético Morelia She left a series of interesting stories around. However, A.J Very strange It turned out that the attack was made by the Guanajuato coach on an assistant from Los Pericos.

DT de Celaya attacked a co-driver

In a video circulated on social networks, it was possible to find out how to do this Paco RamirezIt was Celaya’s coach who looked for Carlos Morales’ assistant. Norberto Scoponi. However, what seemed like a simple exchange of words turned out to be a dossier “camp battle”.

Although both strategists initially seemed to be talking without any problem, in a few seconds it was Ramirez started shoving Scoponi after slapping him. The latter decided to evade the conflict and began to distance himself from the Bulls coach.

however, Francisco He started chasing an item at full speed Atletico Morelia who ran terrified. After that, some players from Celaya started to confront Norberto Scoponi.

The situation continued to escalate with A Paco Ramirez is furious Who undoubtedly intended to physically confront Bricus’s assistant. Trade grew until there were many players from both teams. Push each other and try to separate the trainers.

It should be noted that during the Volta match between Celaya and Atlético Morelia, the Bulls opened the scoring in the 30th minute with a goal from Amaury Escoto. However, those from Michoacan managed to come back with goals Alonso Flores, Johnny Ochory, and Santiago Ramirezfor a global score of 2-4.

Did the Argentine player also hit?

In another video circulating on social networks, he is fully aware of how it is done Noah TobittCelaya’s team defender gives it Kick make Norberto Scoppione They end up on the lawn. After the attack, he and his comrades started fighting.

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