Chris Paul (Protocols) will appear in Game 3

Chris Paul (Protocols) will appear in Game 3

Phoenix – There is optimism within the Phoenix Suns Chris PaulSources told ESPN, who was knocked out at the start of the Western Conference Finals due to the league’s health and safety protocols, to return for game three on Thursday.

But sources said that at the start of Tuesday’s second game, Paul had not yet received a pass.

Tuesday marks the sixth day Paul was removed from the team due to NBA mandates related to the coronavirus. While a positive test requires a player to be isolated for a minimum of 10 to 14 days this season, the league has different criteria for people who have been vaccinated.

ESPN’s Matt Barnes, who appeared on The Jump last week, said Paul told him he had been vaccinated.

A source on the team confirmed to ESPN that Paul is currently asymptomatic and spending his time away from The Suns in the Los Angeles area.

Before being sidelined, Paul was sublime in the Suns’ sweep of the Denver Nuggets in the second round, averaging 25.5 points at 62.7% on shooting while providing 41 assists for just five turnovers in four games.

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Suns coach Monty Williams was asked ahead of game two if Paul, who is officially on the daily roster, would need some sort of acceleration to be able to play once he was released.

“We can’t wait for anyone now,” Williams said. “These games are so important. Every practice, every photoshoot.” “We’ll definitely see where he is when that time comes, but it’s hard to make that judgment just because COVID is so different. You have COVID and the playoffs, you know what I mean? It’s not COVID and the regular season.

“I’m sure if I tried to keep Chris out of the game, we’d have to compete head-to-head. So we’ll do that assessment when the time comes.

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