Live broadcast link of the Toluca and Monterrey match: How to watch today’s Liga MX match on TV and online | Mexico

Live broadcast link of the Toluca and Monterrey match: How to watch today’s Liga MX match on TV and online |  Mexico

be seen Toluca against Monterey He lives. Diablos Rojos and Rayados are already facing each other in the pending match on the fifth date of Opening of the Mexican League 2023 in it Nemesio Diez Stadium, home of the scarlet group. With less than 20 minutes remaining in the match, Toluca won by the narrowest of margins, with a goal scored by Juan Pablo Domínguez Chontico in the 26th minute of the first half.

Despite not starting the competition off on the right foot, both Rayados are under command “Tano” OrtizLike the Crimson Team Ignacion Ambriz They are favorites to win their first Mexican soccer championship. It should be noted that it will not be the only match on the fifth date, as they will also face each other Queretaro vs Atlas And Tigers vs. Saints.

Despite playing two fewer matches, the “Holy Flock” occupies eighth place with 7 points, which is the result of a Draw against leader Atletico San Luis And her Victories against Atlas and Mazatlanin addition to A Defeat in the final match against Cruz Azul.

For its part, the local Toluca team only knew victory against the “Cement Machine”. Defeat against Juarezplus three Draws against Pumas, Atlas and NecaxaAdding only 6 points and 12th place in the classification.

Official lineup for the Toluca vs. Monterrey match

  • Toluca: Thiago Volpe, Andres Mosquera, Adrian Moura, Maxi Araujo, Brian Garcia, Claudio Baeza, Marcel Ruiz, Juan Pablo Dominguez, Jean Meneses, Jesus Angulo, Pedro Raul.
  • Monterey: Esteban Andrada, Sebastian Vegas, Victor Guzman, Stefan Medina, Jesus Gallardo, Jordi Cortizo, Luis Romo, Omar Gouveia, Maxi Meza, Sergio Canales and Ali Avila.
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What time will Toluca play against Monterrey?

  • Mexico: 7:00 pm
  • United States (CT), Peru, Ecuador and Colombia: 8:00 p.m
  • United States (Eastern Time), Bolivia and Venezuela: 9:00 p.m
  • Argentina, Chile, Paraguay, Uruguay and Brazil: 10 p.m
  • Spain: 3:00 a.m. (August 31)

How to watch the match Toluca and Monterrey on TV?

Because in Liga MX the transmission rights are distributed between different TV signals and operators, not all matches are broadcast on the same network and in the case of Toluca, it is Televisa for its home matches. In Copa MX, TUDN is the signal responsible for the team, while in Concachampions the rights belong to Fox Sports.

  • Channel 2: Dish (102 SD and 602 HD), SKY (102 SD and 1102 HD), Megacable (202 SD and 1202 HD) and Izzi (102 SD and 802 HD)
  • Members: SKY (1564) and Azi (503 and 891)
  • TUDN Mexico: SKY (547 SD – 1547), Star TV (510 SD), Eii NRT Monclova (55 SD – 132.36 – 132.37 – 132.38) and Izzi (501 SD – 890 HD)

In the United States, the network that broadcasts Toluca’s matches is Univisión and TUDN.

How to watch the Toluca and Monterrey match live?

How did Toluca and Monterrey reach today’s match?

Toluca has achieved only one victory so far in the tournament, in addition to 3 draws and one defeat, a result that left it in twelfth place in the table with 6 units, but outside the classification area.

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For its part, Monterrey, which played only four matches due to postponed matches after participating in the League Cup, did not lose in 3 matches (one draw and two victories), but on the last day, Cruz Azul achieved the surprise and ended the streak of those led by “Tano” Ortiz.

In which stadium will the Toluca-Monterrey match in the Mexican League be played?

Nemesio Díez Riega Stadium, also known as La Bombonera de México, is one of the most emblematic soccer stadiums in Mexico. It is located in the city of Toluca, the capital of the state of Mexico, and is the regular home of Deportivo Toluca FC and Deportivo Toluca FC Feminil.

The latest match between Toluca and Monterrey in the BBVA MX League

Previous encounters between Toluca and Monterrey in Liga BBVA MX have been intense and competitive, adding more excitement to this highly anticipated match:

  • Closing 2023 | Monterrey 2 – 1 Toluca | Day 5
  • Opening 2022 | Toluca 1 – 1 Monterrey | Day nine
  • Mexico C22 | Toluca 2 – 2 Monterrey | the fourth day
  • Shout Mexico A21 | Monterrey 2 – 0 Toluca | Day 11
  • Guardians 2021 | Toluca 1 – 2 Monterrey | Day 14

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