Chris Rock makes his first appearance at the Oscars after Will Smith slapped him Univision Trending News

Chris Rock makes his first appearance at the Oscars after Will Smith slapped him  Univision Trending News

Comedian Chris Rock made his first appearance after the Oscars last Sunday Actor Will Smith slapped him on stage After the rock joke about the actor’s wife Jada Pinkett-Smith.

Rock, 57, appeared in a theater in Boston on Wednesday night, where he addressed the issue. “I’m still processing what happened,” he told the audience, but nowhere in the presentation did he mention Will Smith by name.

In Boston, participants were barred from bringing phones or other recording equipment to their seats. A showcase told the press People Rock stood on stage dressed in white in Boston and walked out clapping.

The comedian nodded after the public reception, and he complimented him for several minutes. “Let me do a little cloud,” he told viewers, according to CNN. “We love you,” one bystander replied.

“How was your weekend?” He asked the audience, and they responded with a laugh. Referring to the incident with Smith, he continued, “I do not have much to say about it.” “Then if they come here for that …” he paused. “Before this weekend I had written an entire show. I’m still processing what happened, So at some point I will talk about that. It will be serious. That would be fun. But now I’m going to tell you some jokes. “

The academy begins a “disciplinary process” against Will Smith

Comedian Jada Pingette-Smith’s Shaved Hair Just like Demi Moore wore in the GI Jane movie, Moore played a woman who trained in the military and shaved her hair.

“Jada, I like you. I can not wait to see G.I. Jane 2Rock teased him before presenting him with an award, comparing him to the character Moore played in the 1997 film.

Smith got up from his seat in the front row and went to the stage, slapping the comedian in the face and shouting his wife’s name so he would not come out of his mouth.

A few minutes later, Smith won the Best Actor award and received loud applause. During his five-minute acceptance speech, Smith spoke about standing up for his family and apologizing to the academy. A day later, Smith apologized Towards the comedian, To the Academy He also told the audience at home that he was “out of character” and that his actions did not “fit the man he wanted”.

The academy said Wednesday After the incident, he told Smith to leave the theater, but he refused. The company also said it had begun disciplinary action to assess whether Smith should be suspended or expelled.

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