The madness that Anita did to celebrate her birthday

The madness that Anita did to celebrate her birthday

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On the other side of the world Anita He is currently celebrating his birthday. This is what he told his followers and stories, explaining that he is already 29 years old.

He also celebrated it with a post enjoying it in a pool where he commented “Where I am now is already my birthday”. Where is Anita? good, The Brazilian singer told her followers that she made a spontaneous decision and decided to go to the party in a private paradise.

“Anyone who knows me knows how much I love being spontaneous in life. Have you ever been to the airport and decided to go to the first place your luck tells you to go like in the movies? Well I just did that And he ended up on the other side of the world just to celebrate my day and the wonderful time I had recently.”

What is more, He thanked “my crazy friend who said yes to this crazy idea.” “Anyway, thank you universe, thank you all. Yyyyyy, I decided I was going to celebrate one of the Crazy parties this weekend in the US,” Rule.

But Anita got nostalgic too, uploading a second post Her photo series is very small.

This is how Anita celebrated her birthday on her crazy escape

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