Christian Nodal finally reveals how he covered up the tattoo he got for Belinda

Christian Nodal finally reveals how he covered up the tattoo he got for Belinda

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Christian Nodal who is fully focused on his career as a singer On a tour of Mexico and Latin America, Two months after announcing his separation from him Belinda break the silence He described his relationship with the blonde as one of the best stages of his life.

I lived a very precious stage, I lived some very beautiful moments. I think we as a couple have very good moments, bad moments like everything”, Mentioned in an interview with Televisa Offers Without revealing the real reasons for their expiration.

Christian Nodal gave details of his split from Belinda
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Undoubtedly, One of the big unknowns after their breakup is what the Mexican singer did to completely erase or cover up the tattoos he got when he said he loved them so much. Belinda. Among them is the huge design of the blonde’s green eyes that completely covered her chest.

In this regard, Nodal admitted that he decided to modify his design, a design that would bring new meaning to his life. It should be noted that he also covered the name “Billy” tattooed on his ear with an English card.

I got a tattoo I had eyes here on my chest, I covered them with wings, And I designed an entire box. It was design taste. I have two poles: I hate it or I’m excited about it, I don’t have a middle point“Goodbye love,” explained the interpreter.

Christian Nodal and the tattoo he got in honor of Belinda
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On this subject , following Christian Nodal They have witnessed how her style has changed in recent months by covering a large part of her body with tattoos.He is an art that he is passionate about and is not ruling out setting up his own studio soon.

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Remember that two weeks ago, Nodal showed that he had a talent for ink by tattooing Telemundo host Adamari López on his arm, with which he was very satisfied with his work.

Christian Nodal defends Belinda from speculation

Looking at all that was said about his breakup with BelindaIn the same conversation, The singer showed his affection for his ex-girlfriend and tried to clean up his image, denying that their separation was related to financial problems. As far as it has been speculated, he said.

What I can say is that I don’t even have moneyNot everything is spoken, many things and many stories are spoken. What we have shown the world with so much love and so many beautiful moments, this is what must remain.” pointed out.

Look at Christian Nodal talking about Belinda here:

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