Con-Science Implants in Holguin . Implants

Con-Science Implants in Holguin . Implants

The main objective of the movement is to strengthen the relationship between the actors that make up Holguin’s food systems. Photo: ACN

“The Sembrar Con-Ciencia movement has become an excellent opportunity to develop sustainable, nutritious and healthy food production for all Holguin residents,” said Miriam Barbara Rojas, Head of Science, Innovation and Development at the Regional Delegation for Agriculture.

The press conference was attended by a representative of the Federation of Secondary School Students (FEEM) and the Federation of University Students (FEU), who will be part of the delegation that will be active until April 30 in all Holguin municipalities.

Thalia Torres Orozco, the regional theorist at the Federation, confirmed at the meeting that it “participated with producers and farmers from several agricultural cooperatives in the province, to exchange experiences on the food sovereignty plan and nutritional education in Cuba”.

“We have also learned a lot from them in practice, because we are visiting productive forms, which allow us to further our professional orientation and professional training,” the new commander stated.

Barbara Rojas stated that the main objective of the movement is to strengthen the relationship between the actors who make up the province’s food systems, to implement science and innovation in this field.

The implementation of the 63 actions directed in the agricultural sector by the high leadership of the Federation, with the aim of promoting food production in Cuba, is a systemic task, which is why the Sembrar Con-Ciencia movement encourages discussions with farmers at the bottom of the groove to remove existing doubts on the part of producers.

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“A large proportion of the peasants in Holguín do not master all the processes of carrying out these procedures; we focus on the most difficult issues for producers such as banking procedures, the use of magnetic cards, contracting and marketing,” Barbara Rojas explained.

The “second literacy campaign”, as they called this movement, collaborates between agricultural professionals, scientists, professors and university students associated with farmers to put science into the function of sustainable and healthy food production.

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