“Christiana Zamoro holds her head high”: Opposition woman’s brother reveals details of her house arrest

“Christiana Zamoro holds her head high”: Opposition woman’s brother reveals details of her house arrest
Former National Vice President of Nicaragua and former Managua Councilor (LA PRENSA newspaper) Chamorro Barrios of Joachim, Point Pedro

Nicaraguan opposition Christiana Zamoro Barrios, who was disqualified from running in the November presidential election after four days under house arrest on money laundering charges, remained completely unconnected but “raised his head” this Saturday. EFE His older brother.

“Until yesterday she was allowed to see her children, Antonio Ignacio and Christiana Maria. She (Christiana) was always tall with her head.”Cristiano’s older brother, former national vice president (2007-2017) and former Managua councilor (2004-2006), said Zamorin Barios of Pentagon Joao.

Inactive Violeta Barrios de Zamoro Foundation and Director of Democracy (FVBCH) Has been under house arrest since June 2 At the request of the Ministry of Public Administration, he is being prosecuted by the Ministry of Justice for “mismanagement and ideological misconduct in competition with money, property and property fraud.”

Describing President Daniel Ortega as a “dictator”, Zamoro pointed out that he had “died of horror” at the prospect of losing power, and announced that he would register as a presidential candidate in May. Next November 7 elections, In which the ruler is re-elected for the third consecutive time.

Pedro Joaquin, the brother of the winner of the Ordega Y Cassette 2021 prize, Carlos Fernando Zamoro Barrios, two confiscated by the regime, also insisted that he should speak exclusively in personal capacity He said Christiana was “in good health and they have treated her well,” however he noted that “he is very concerned about the situation he is going through.”

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Farmer President is unaware of his doctor’s situation

The older brother said it Christiana’s condition was not reported to her mother, former President of Nicaragua Violeta Barrios de Zamoro (1990-1997), who suffers from an illness that affects her health. He is known to have defeated Ortega in the 1990 elections.

Former President of Nicaragua Violeta Barrios
Former President of Nicaragua Violeta Barrios

Point Pedro Joaquin said he was surprised that the Ordega regime blamed Christiana for alleged discrepancies in the trust’s financial position in 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019, documents already held by the Interior Ministry. Dates ”.

“But until my sister ran for president, she found them as long as there was a preference in opinion polls,” he added.

According to pollster Sid Galep, Christiana Zamoro Barrios is the most popular presidential candidate in Nicaragua, which may have given her enough votes to follow in her mother’s footsteps in the 1990s.

“There is no point in accusing him of money laundering. The agencies that funded it have declared that it is pure money. They tried to deny constitutional rights. I pretended it only happens with a final verdict according to the constitution,” he said. The older brother insisted.

In the picture, Nicaraguan opposition member Christiana Zamoro Barrios.  EFE / George Torres / Archive
In the picture, Nicaraguan opposition member Christiana Zamoro Barrios. EFE / George Torres / Archive

Similarly, Zamorin Barrios of Joachim, Point Pedro, recognized his sister as having “unanimous national and international support,” but regretted his isolation.

“I do not know how many days she will get food (…) The only thing I want is for my sister to somehow feel that support to give her extra encouragement, but she’s on the phone, the news, the TV.”, He pointed out.

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