Ciudad Alegría, the family fun, arts and sciences space at the Cali Gallery

Ciudad Alegría, the family fun, arts and sciences space at the Cali Gallery

Between next Monday 27 and Wednesday 29 December don’t miss Joy City, a space dedicated to family entertainment within the 64th edition of the Cali Gallery. Here you will find new sciences, musical and dramatic arts, and even pets. It’s all in the Old San Fernando Club.

I have good news for children, teens, their families, and their dogs. On the 27th, 28th and 29th, we will have a wonderful event on this site in the framework of the Cali Expo, where we will build the San Fernando Science, Technology and Innovation Park, called Ciudad Alegría.” The leader of the economic portfolio of the region, Liliana Sierra, praised.

The official added: “The old piece of the San Fernando Club for these three days, will be converted into a space dedicated to science and fun for children and teens, and the Melquiades tent will be moved here, where we will have all the experiences of the University of Del Valle related to mathematics, physics, chemistry and biology.” Secretary stressed.

moreover, Joy City She will also have the Pavilion of Joy; At this point, the platform will be located where different cultural performances will be presented to children and youth in Cali, from dances and musical performances to theatrical performances. Likewise, it will be the space for clown and origami workshops, among others.

A special place is arranged for the animals. Dogs can enjoy the park and get free veterinary care. In addition, there will be sample dog training by the National Police, and the Sensory Maze with support from the city’s Institute for Blind and Deaf Children.

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“Don’t miss it; we are waiting for you here with the whole family and their dogs, between 10:00 am and 6:00 pm. Remember that the exhibition is not only Roomba, but also science, technology and innovation.” The Minister of Economic Development, Liliana Sierra, concluded her call.

The Santiago de Cali Mayor’s Office invites you to live the Cali fair in peace and healthy coexistence.

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