Thalia surprises her with an amazing look at Christmas on Instagram | Photo

Thalia surprises her with an amazing look at Christmas on Instagram |  Photo

Practically everyone benefits from Concerts birthday to do one Renew their clothes And why not, give yourself a “cat’s hand” to look amazing at family dinner. This is not something that celebrities, who do the same and flaunt it on their social networks, do not ignore.

In this case, next I decided to share a picture, where she appeared as a real fairy princess, to congratulate her and express her love to all her fans and followers. This detail was well received, filling it with praise and of course thousands of ‘likes’.

remarkably Translator of “Amor a la mexicana”, “who cares?” And “I don’t remember” she had a rather youthful look, but now she’s given her a break to look like the famous artist and businesswoman.

Thalia wore a fringe at the request of her daughter (Image: thalia)

Thalia forget the margin

just the past November 11 The actress also decided to make herself a fringe that would remind her entire audience of the years she made telenovelas de las Marías. This is at the request of his daughter: “Yes.. at the request of my daughter Sabrina Parties have come back into my life.”

Since then, she has appeared in many of her publications as a teenager and with a smile that always marked her; However, for Christmas I decided to wear long wavy hair with some thoughtful golden “rays”.

His clothes were made of Brown short white dress He knows how to combine perfectly with silver-colored jewelry.

“So many blessings, peace and love for each of you, my love. These are strange times but thanks to these we affirm again that love of one’s neighbour, peace of mind and faith in God are our most beautiful treasures. I love you so much! So many hugs! Virtual for each of you,” wrote wife Tommy motola.

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As expected, his fans thanked him: “I love you! May many blessings and beautiful things continue in your life”, “Happy birthday my love. God bless you always!” And “Happy birthday my queen! Best wishes to you always and best blessings,” were some of the messages they sent her.

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