Clarissa Shields has opened up space in the history of sports

Clarissa Shields has opened up space in the history of sports

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With the scales completely tilted in her favor, the American Clarissa Shields Al-Kindi was defeated by a broad collective decision Mary Yves Decker He thus beat the four major crowns in the premium welterweight class and goes down in history as the first fighter – male or female – to achieve two undisputed championships in modern boxing.

Since the appearance of the Four Beings, only seven fighters, three women, have achieved them Armor It is the first to have two classes (very medium and medium)

The 25-year-old American said, “I wanted to knock out but that didn’t happen. I knew the time would come to make history and I did it in Flint in front of my people.” Undisputed championship, he holds two Olympic golds, being the only boxer to do so.

this is important Battle # 11 comes to victory as a pro and without hesitation at some point Among her attributes, she displayed all of her skills against a Canadian who couldn’t do anything to beat her competitor’s strategy and tools.

Shields earned the three Referee Scorecards in the end with 100 to 90, and none of the officials gave a single round to the Canadian who was looking for her fourth defense of the belt belt. International Boxing Federation.

In addition to the achievements this weekend, the Shields leaves with relief after adding yet another victory over an unbeaten fighter.

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